A Simple House Outside But With A Unique Style In!

A Simple House Outside But With A Unique Style In!

We move today on the Lisbon coast to see the renovation of a house made by the architects of the study Pedro Quintela. The organization of the interior spaces was marked by the opening and constructed through the use of warm materials such as wood and enriched by the use of accent lighting in unusual corners of the house, in a harmonious contrast with the light-toned walls in white and beige. The result is, as we shall see, a very bright house inside, organically included in a rustic outdoor setting dominated by white surfaces and exposed stone. Let’s see the result.

A rustic house

In this overview of the exterior we can see that the house was built on the original rustic structure with stone walls kept out on the perimeter walls, built with white concrete walls. The original rustic property was so valued http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan, and we will see how even the interiors have been supplemented and revised in this sense, finding an admirable balance.

A good first impression

The configuration of the house immediately presented the features that will be developed in all indoor environments. The solid wood dominates, painted in a neutral manner that emerge in all their beauty, texture and grain, sending a familiar warmth. The exposed beams on the ceiling and the floor in sight axes are integrated with finishing concrete walls, to resume the exterior. The rustic style is enhanced by the new lighting, which starts from the bottom, to unusual angles.

A nice place to cook

The supporting structures of the house become decorative elements, columns and wooden floors as in the case of the kitchen, wrap around the space, combining functionality and decoration. The organization of the fluid and enveloping space makes pleasant the operations of the kitchen, accessibility is the common denominator. A happy contrast is introduced through the choice of stainless steel appliances, inserted in the natural context of the large wooden floors, shelves and beams.

Decorative elements

Furnishings include areas such as this, where the dark brown wood contrasts with the white and the pink of the elegant lamps. Also here are replicated glass containers a detail that offers style without weighing it down. Also note the modern design of the small dresser clean lines combined with a classic material such as walnut.

Timeless elements

There are particulates furnishing elements that can cross eras and styles, seem timeless. And ‘the case of the Eames chair that we see in this first floor designed in 1948, is still very much loved by architects and interior designers, who contextualize always in different contexts. Here for example, just the addition of a soft green pillow to match interior in folk inspiration ceramic table.

A Small House That Does Not Envy The Largest Villas

A Small House That Does Not Envy The Largest Villas

This house can not fail to surprise you! The exterior is very modern and nice, but inside … you will find a style that from the outside you will certainly not guessed! The atmosphere is very special and well worth a ride in this residence to learn more about the study project DOMY W stylu, come on!

The main facade

Seen from outside, this house is modern and well maintained, but it certainly does not leave anything to guess the particular style that distinguishes the rooms inside http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. However, it is certainly very pleasant facade in white and gray plaster and wood; It is modern and well designed.

The rear facade

The rear is characterized by the style and by the same mix of colors and materials. External flooring instead changes the front was in gray stone, while here it is in wooden slats, which invite more to enjoy the outdoor space.

A modern kitchen

The kitchen has a modern off-grid structure. It is certainly very functional and well designed, with ample work space and appliances arranged according to the latest trends – the column with double oven is a must of modern kitchens. The strong presence of light wood, combined with white laminate of the bases, gives this space a cozy look and very current. The lighting is very abundant, guaranteed from the large window and the numerous spotlights. And the hood A piece of design!

The dining room

Here is a view of the open space area. Living and dining room are part of a single large space in which the prevailing feeling is of great heat, thanks to the chromatic choice. A stand out immediately the library to ceiling, which immediately gives the idea of ??a house fully lived, well away from a house – museum, where everything is perfect; Here prevails a sense of familiarity.

The living room retro – chic

The area of ??the living room is very special, both for the color choices, they see combined green, orange and gray – an unusual mix, but very successful – both for the design of used furniture, which are very original and make unique environment!

A special space

And here’s the surprise a wonderful fireplace! The simplicity is what characterizes this element, whose frame fades into the white wall. The wood is collected in a vertical niche. A beautiful composition, which in combination to the furnishings with clean lines is just perfect.

The Most Beautiful Views In The Movies Travel Destinations, Original Ideas For Starting

The Most Beautiful Views In The Movies Travel Destinations, Original Ideas For Starting

Here are the most beautiful views in the movies travel destinations, many original ideas for a long holiday in a magical place, or a weekend without going too far with the family. But there are some destinations that are definitely more ideal for a couple Let’s find out together!

In the summer, at least one short trip we concedercelo, even a few days. Maybe it could be an opportunity to see a new place or to return to a place that you remained in the heart, but if you too are struggling with the choice of a destination, and you have enough advice of friends, then try inspired by the cinema. Movies can literally give us more points of view even of those places we thought we knew, so here’s goals inspired by the film to travel alone, in pairs but also in the family.

Budapest is a perfect city from various points of view. It ‘easy to get, so you can go only on weekends. And ‘economic, certainly also it is among the most popular low cost destinations in season, and is also a special place for all movie fans, especially after the release of the film Grand Hotel Budapest.

Among the most beautiful views in the movies travel destinations could not miss London, a great place all year round, offering many ideas, with many things to do and see, but this summer could also prove to be the ideal destination for family travelers. Children will love a magical place where anything is possible. Which In a word, the Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter.

And what about the magnificent scenery of the film with which Paolo Sorrentino last year you won the Oscar Surely you’ve been to Rome, but the masterpiece The Great Beauty definitely shows it in a new perspective.

A Good Year by Russel Crow and Magin in the Moonlight, one of the best films of Woody Allen, are only two of the films that they showed us the beauty of Provence, a perfect place for a romantic trip for two. In Paris Alternatively definitely it is a great alternative if you’ve never been with your partner, a perfect destination for art lovers. Who among you would not want to relive some moments of Midnight in Paris or the beautiful retro atmosphere of Mouling Rouge.

If you do not want to go too far from home but you feel like a holiday full of culture and nature, then Florence may the perfect destination for you, a little ‘how we tells Giacomo Leopardi in the film Young fabulous.

Acne Treatment Bionutrizionale

Acne Treatment Bionutrizionale

Acne is mainly due to a mix of causes hormonal, infectious, dietary. It supports infection staphylococcus aureus that infects the follicle, causing a secretion seborrheic accentuated. The secretion is induced by an increased sensitivity to hormones in androgenic activity (the male hormones, often determined by conditions of stress). No coincidence occurs mainly during the progestin of the female cycle, when higher progesterone production. However dietary mistakes, especially due to imbalances of sugars and difficult to dispose of toxic, increase the phenomenon.

Acne occurs when there is always an imbalance of blood glucose. If a person follows a diet too low or iperglucidica appears immediately acne http://jualobatjerawat.net. And ‘the swing in blood sugar that causes these imbalances. Not only occasional excesses. The reactive hypoglycemia (that follows a meal too rich in sugars that bind the insulin) starts the adrenal gland that causes a hormonal reaction immediately, so after a lunch messy, already in the afternoon appears acne.

Acne is also talk of an impairment slowed, which prevents properly manage hormones, which is why the choices bionutritional also indicate the need to stimulate the liver. It is therefore essentially a manifestation of elimination tossinica.
The basic treatment has the aim of reducing the activity of androgen hormones in tissues, but also the reduction of inflammation and infections that induce pus formation, regulation of blood sugar and liver detoxification.


The plants that nature offers to soothe the manifestations of acne are: the Uncaria tormenting (immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory), the Astragalus membranaceus and the use of turmeric in cooking always be associated to an adequate vitamin A supplementation, which you can get enough drinking a daily glass of carrot centrifuged, to drink after lunch, instead of fruit.

Other drugs, traditional activities and choleretic antiseborrheic are especially extracts Burdock, Dandelion but especially the Artichoke. It ‘been shown a good effectiveness of Commiphora mukul also called Guggul in acne therapy nodulocyctic (Thappa, 1994), a Himalayan plant whose resin, in the form of dry extract, is marketed as a dietary supplement used primarily in hypercholesterolemia, phytotherapeutic which can also be used for long periods of therapy.

Head Or Heart? Twitter Changes The Key Of The Favorite And Falls Immediately Ass

Head Or Heart? Twitter Changes The Key Of The Favorite And Falls Immediately Ass

You know, that the head and the heart does not go hardly ever agree. Look at the case of the button ‘Favorites’ Twitter: no time to change it, to star in the heart, that a flood of ‘user’ started to protest, calling for a march back the company.

Let’s start from the beginning, in recent hours the historical platform of micro-blogging has replaced the icon star of “favorite” with an icon of a heart and the words “like”. The problem is not trivial, because the Likes of Facebook is not (or at least, it was not), the equivalent of the key “favorite” of Twitter.

Click on the star (as opposed to retweet, which has a different quality) it did not mean much to express a preference for a content, how to introduce it in a category of storage. Someone did it to store and then read it later https://teknorus.com, others used to provide feedback when it was mentioned in a tweet, others even used the button to express contempt for the tweet in question (ok, it makes no sense, but for a those who use Twitter evidently had …).

And ‘the identity of the “Favourites” button, then, that it fails with this much heart’ facebookiano ‘and less’ special’. Said in other words: the heart of Twitter is the new Twitter, and ‘clashes’ with the hard core, those who signed up to the social twittering five, maybe even six or seven years ago and believe that more intelligent instrument and less ‘commercial’ Facebook. Here falls the second donkey: it is to become more commercial and therefore gain ground, that the management of Twitter has chosen this course.

For the uninitiated, Twitter shares fell sharply, losing 40% of their value from May to October. The social network is not growing significantly (in the last quarter there was a meager + 1.4%), which disgruntled shareholders and makes it mandatory for the top of Twitter search for exit strategies. Difficult, however, to try to look like Facebook is the right way.

And then? Then nothing. What is certain is that, just as was done by Instagram and Periscope, also the microblogging platform has now allienata other company adopting a symbol universally recognized. To make this transition as easy as possible, Twitter has pubblilcato on his blog a video that explains the various meanings of the new button. It ranges from “good” to “wow” until you get to “beat the five”. A short distance by the announcement that brought the hashtag

Flatiron District and Washington Square Park

Flatiron District and Washington Square Park

The journey continues towards the Flatiron Building, which is the site of Spider-Man, Ninja Turtles, and where, in Madison Square Park, Ron Burgundy fought the final battle in the Anchorman 2. This is also the set of I am Legend.


The Tribeca area is famous for its annual film festival, the Tribeca Film Festival, born on the initiative of Robert De Niro after the September 11 to promote New York City as a cinema.

Moving through Chelsea you can see the Empire Diner in Men In Black II and Home Alone 2. The big television empire Chelsea Television Studios, is the site of many movie scenes and really hit TV shows that can not miss this tour.

famous movie local and New York show

Obviously, places and sets of fil bring with them also many scenes in bars, clubs and restaurants in the tourist and become cult film around New York.

The Magnolia’s Bakery at 401 Bleeker Street is one of the most famous pastry shops in New York, became famous for the scene in Sex and the City where Carrie confides in Miranda love with Aiden.

Bubby’s, at 120 Hudson Street is one of the places of The Devil Wears Prada.

Cantinori to Carrie Bradshaw lived the saddest birthday of the history of the show, when, for his 35 years, no one has presented to his supper.

Also the famous Buddakan in Chelsea where Carrie and Mr. Big are celebrating the night before the wedding.

The Cafe Lalo is perhaps the most famous club in New York to be clear is that where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks fall in love in You’ve Got Mail.

Serendipity 3 is famous for both the scenes of the movie Serendipity, both for a Frozen Hot Chocolate to be missed.

The Plaza Oak Room Bar is located North of the film set of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest … not bad!

Children can have recreation in the thermal pools of the plant, while the parents or carers may alternate in enjoy wellness treatments such as massages, sauna and various therapies for various diseases.

The afternoon you can walk then to the caves, visit the ancient Italic villa, know the remains found in the vicinity of the building in the museum, and stroll the historic grove that surrounds the area, unique place of serenity and peace that encompasses old specimens also of 500 years. It was this brief but intense weekend on Garda, to recharge properly before re-examined the traffic on the following Monday.

Balmain Haute Couture ‘Accessible’ For H & M

Balmain Haute Couture ‘Accessible’ For H & M

The frame is a former Wall Street bank transformed into futuristic metro station: Balmaination destination. Kylie Jenner, Diane Kruger, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung, “models but especially friends” more surprise the Backstreet Boys in announcing the global launch of Balmain x H & M. The collection created by Olivier Rousteing, rich in couture details and full of energy, will be available from November 5 in 250 stores worldwide and online, nine in Italy.

“I realized a dream. It was amazing attend the performance of the Backstreet Boys exclusively for Balmain x H & M, in a wonderfully intense and full of energy https://www.radysaorganizer.com/id/tempat-sepatu-gantung. Working with H & M and ‘was an honor,” said Rousteing, creative director fashion house founded by Pierre Balmain, and that, after World War II, dressed Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot.

Olivier explained that when he was twenty he was always looking for high fashion accessible: “I made it thinking about them, those boys and girls who are like I was,” he said of the collection made of clothes and jackets encrusted with jewels or embroidery or beads, cuts military coats with gold buttons. Prices undoubtedly more ‘accessible to those released by the Parisian atelier – almost all under one hundred euro – although a dress hyper-embroidered motifs Deco will rise to almost 500. Padded shoulders, waist marked silhouette always characterized by an air and a Parisian’ innate spontaneity.

After the preview of the video for the campaign, starring Kendall Jenner, the dance crew have kicked off the top of the catwalk as Gigi and Bella Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, Alessandra Ambrosio, Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls. After the parade, the Backstreet Boys have surprised guests with an exclusive live performance of “Larger than life” and “I Want It That Way” that warmed the atmosphere 90: Nick, Kevin, Brian, AJ and Howie, dressed from head to toe in #HM Balmanation occupied the catwalk with some of their hits followed live worldwide with the app Periscope.

“The launch reflected the collection Balmain x H & M, full of energy, optimism and glamor. We look forward to the collection arrives in stores around the world to share it with our customers,” he said Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative advisor of H & M, the Swedish company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange which aims to offer fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable manner. The Group H & M is present with more than 3,700 stores in 61 markets, including franchise. In 2014, sales including VAT amounted to SEK 177 billion and the number of employees has exceeded the figure of 132,000

Apple and Samsung Heats The Summer Best IPhone 6S Or Galaxy Note 5

Apple and Samsung Heats The Summer Best IPhone 6S Or Galaxy Note 5

There are not yet out but the battle has already begun: the challenge – eternal – between Apple and Samsung proceed with strokes of smartphones, particularly among iPhone 6S and Galaxy Note 5, respectively upcoming innovations expected around mid-late September (24? ) and 13 August.

In reality, Samsung will put out too, in addition to Notes 5, also Galaxy S6 Edge Plus http://smilesmultimedia.com, enhanced version dell’S6 ‘curvy’: in any case, in the collective imagination Apple and Samsung are the two faces of a much coveted medal, that of the coolest phone of the moment.
Apple iPhone 6S

Aesthetically very similar to those already in circulation, the main difference will be in the Force Touch technology , which still has not been confirmed in the new Melafonino but probably there will be, and that is already implemented on Apple Watch and MacBook. The Force Touch allows to recognize the level of pressure exerted by the user on the display, so as to assign different commands to more or less intense touches.

What is certain is that the iPhone 6S will have a 4.7-inch display, a 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus: difficult to come out even a cheap version (iPhone 6C?) With a 4-inch display. Some sources speak of an update of the iPhone 5c, with plastic body, while for others the Melafonino line could be expanded with the 6C model from the chassis in aluminum. These models, however, if there ever will be, will come to light only in 2016.

The operating system will obviously iOS9, presented in conjunction with the device. The processor, the Samsung brand, will be an enhanced A9. The RAM will be at least 2GB (hard you throw three) and also the camera will undergo a renovation, going from classic 8MP to 12MP, while the front sensor is 8MP with flash. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus
Samsung home the latest rumors coming from the ‘leaker’ Adam Blass. The Galaxy Note 5 could have by 5.66-inch screen, megapixel cameras from 16:05, octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory. It will be equipped with S Pen stylus with a new mechanism. Slightly larger, 5.7 inches, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, with similar hardware equipment.

At the same time, the microblogging site continues to test the “Project Lightning,” platform managed by professionals – and not by an algorithm – they will be collected tweets, photos, videos, live streaming of Periscope on current events. By year’s end, therefore, with this box of live events we will assist the transition from film to breaking news.

Visit New York, A Guide To The Places And Made Known To Local Movies And TV Series

Visit New York, A Guide To The Places And Made Known To Local Movies And TV Series

Looking for a guide to visit New York, places and venues announced by movies and TV shows Here is one that will allow you to take a tour of exception among the film places in New York from Central Park, Times Square and all the other movie locations and TV series that have made the history of cinema.

New York City is the most populous city in the United States but also the most rich of unforgettable cinematic scenes and who now are part of our cultural baggage.

That’s why, every year, thousands of people, not only traveling to the Big Apple to visit the city perhaps most famous of the modern world, but also to dive into the magical atmosphere created by the Hollywood cult places and scenes of fil and telefilms.

Here is a guide of the film places in New York that will allow us to make a very exciting tour on the set and made known by the local films.

Times Square

The experience begins in the heart of New York’s Times Square area where the famous staircase of Glee but also the famous scene of Vanilla Sky in which Tom Cruise walks for his solitary way. Also in Times Square is the famous bar where Michael Keaton drinks his paradoxical and liberating cocktail after the flight of Birdman.

Columbus Circle and Central Park South

At Columbus Circle, in the buildings known as the Warner Center and the Trump International they have been shot a lot of film.

Central Park, then, is certainly one of the best films from around the world places. In one area of ??Sheep’s Meadow were filmed sequences of Wall Street and The Fisher King, You’ve Got Mail, Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn and timeless yet The Devil Wears Prada and many others.

Upper East Side & Fabulous Fifth Avenue

Here are the famous sets of the funniest sitcoms in New York City as the Pierre Hotel, where Monica and Chandler initiates the popular sitcom Friends.

Fifth Avenue (or Fifth Avenue) is the most famous street in the Big Apple. Here are also the famous shops that have been used in a number of films such as FAO Schwarz, famous for his role in the movie Big, Tiffany & Co. in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The St. Regis Hotel, The Devil Wears Prada , Taxi Driver, and Miss Congeniality.

You can not miss the Rockefeller Center, home to NBC Studios and the New York Public Library, filming location of some scenes in Sex and The City and of well-known films Sleepless in Seattle.

Literary Trails, 13 Places You Wish To Visit If You Love Books

Literary Trails, 13 Places You Wish To Visit If You Love Books

literary trails, 13 magical places that were the backdrop to the novels and unforgettable works that you must visit if you love reading. Juliet’s house in Verona to Venice Lido so dear to Thomas Mann, here literary itineraries to discover.

Adamello Ski (Lombardia)

In recent years it has become the first company in Lombardy, and is one of the first nationally with over 100 km of slopes, of which 64 are engaged to downhill skiing, and 28 are the lifts that allow you to visit and appreciate the Natural parks https://iccpublisher.com. An ideal place to spend your Christmas holidays, but also in which to test the first time on skis.

5 romantic destinations for the Immaculate Conception, the most beautiful for a romantic getaway 5 romantic destinations for the Immaculate 2015 Here are the most beautiful destinations for a romantic getaway with your partner! There are many proposals for a romantic short trip the most attractive and popular places are definitely the Italian cities, but also many places of the Old Continent. Treat yourself to an intimate dinner for two in a village or relax in a cozy spa. So what are you waiting We see all 5 romantic destinations for the December 8th most romantic of all time!

New Year’s Eve 2016, the 6 travel destinations to spend New Year’s Eve

Are you ready for New Year 2016 6 travel destinations to spend the New Year away from home to celebrate in places full of charm. From low cost destinations for New Year’s charming places in mountain village, passing through places of sea and European capitals. Pack your bags … Here we go!

Etna (Sicily)

It ‘a great place for the Sicilians who love skiing and want to save on the cost of the planes and stay on the island during the Christmas holidays. In addition to ski on an active volcano it is undoubtedly a very fascinating! The Etna ski areas are two that of Nicolosi and to Provenzana Plans.

educational farms

For children petting and cuddling, as well as eventually much freedom to do and play in the outdoors. For parents relaxation of the mountain. And ‘This is the experience that you can live in huts in Tyrol and in Didactic farms in Trentino Alto Adige.
To visit Assisi and its surroundings with a badget limited, there is a family friendly campsite only a few kilometers from the town’s medieval square and several Umbrian Educational farms.