Ordinary Check In Solidarity Funds Bilateral

Ordinary Check In Solidarity Funds Bilateral

With circular 201 of 16 December 2015, INPS provides guidance on the ordinary rules of the check as provided by 30 of the Decree. 1482015 on the reorganization of social safety nets in constant employment.

The check is among those forms of income support provided by bilateral solidarity funds in the event of suspension or curtailment of activity, for the causes provided for the ordinary and extraordinary redundancy fund, in favor of workers employed in sectors not covered the scope of income assistance.

The circular explains, in particular, the objective and subjective scope of the check http://smconsult.co.id/id/tax-consultant-jakarta.html, the entry into force, the causal, the extent and duration of maximum performance, the contribution-related, the additional contribution and the manner of application .

From next year it will be extended to self-employed mothers, the benefit of babysitting for children, already enjoyed by female employees and parasubordinate. Vouchers babysitting will be required to replace (or partial) of the parental leave.

To establish an amendment to the Stability Law 2016. Of this financial contribution can benefit working mothers today only civil servants or private employers, or those autonomous parasubordinate entered under separate management INPS.

The contribution amounts to EUR 600 per month for a maximum of six months (€ 3,600 total). For parasubordinate workers, however, the maximum duration is three months (making a total of 1,800 Euros) and will remain so for new beneficiaries self-employed or entrepreneurs. Within a month, a specific decree, will govern the use. The transaction cost for 2016 will be 2 million euro.

In the letter the Committee and consumers recall the tragic suicide of Luigino, the pensioner who took his own life after losing his savings in the bankruptcy of the bank Etruria, and ask for an audience with the Pope to represent our suffering after they were erased with a stroke of a pen, the sacrifices of generations to 130,000 families of Banca Marche, Popolare Etruria, CariChieti, CariFerrara . They stress that the rescue at any cost banking, by charging the price to the population, without the firm decision to review and reform the entire system, reaffirms an absolute domination of finance that has no future and that will only create new crises after a long, expensive and apparent cure.  And in the Encyclical Praise You, predatory hegemony of finance and the domain of banks, which failed to shake the conscience of hairy-known bankers, politicians, governments and authorities vigilant as Bank of Italy, CONSOB, ECB, you, Holy Father He had already designed the catastrophic scenarios that would soon kill anybody innocent, guilty of having made sacrifices to save.

Savings, From Diamonds To Certificates Seven ways To Expand Horizons

Savings, From Diamonds To Certificates Seven ways To Expand Horizons

Government bonds, corporate bonds, a little ‘liquidity and q.s. actions Those who rely on old recipes to build a balanced portfolio, by merely changing the dose of the equity component, to give more or less pepper to asset allocation, risk of preparing an indigestible meal. Suffice to say that a basket as the Barclays Capital Global Aggregate, composed of good quality government and corporate securities, of developed and emerging countries, makes 1.4% (as the ten-year BTP), for a duration of almost 7 years. Neither the equity, moreover, offers encouraging prospects. The current stock market cycle has turned seven and, in many areas, prices have reached valuation levels not exactly cheap, says Marcello Rubiu, Norisk partner of the consulting firm. All this is topped off by an increase in episodes of high volatility.

The ways

A possible solution Review the menu and choose new ingredients to be mixed with traditional ones. Here are seven unconventional investment ideas to build a richer and more diversified portfolio of chance http://smconsult.co.id/id/konsultan-pajak-jakarta.html. The first is called volatility Rather than deal with anxiety violent price swings, investors can ride them, for example through an ETF on the Vix an index that expresses the expectations on the short-term volatility of the S & P500. There are also specialized active funds, where the manager, through sophisticated strategies, betting on the rise or on the decline in volatility. These products can also be used, and above all from the perspective of diversification and a hedge against extraordinary events. Eg the possibility Brexit suggests Rubiu.

Then there is gold. Since the beginning of the 2000s, he has made more than any other asset class about 8.5% a year. In 2011, it began a long downtrend, though that seems to have reversed course. The rise in gold, since last December, has been favored by growing doubts about the effectiveness of monetary policies and the negative rates, which increase its appeal, recalls vice president Norisk. It tends to give good results in the lifting phase of inflationary expectations or with the increase in risk aversion. You can invest in the yellow metal through Etc (exchange traded commodities) or focusing on the mining companies stocks, compared with a much more pronounced risk.

The third group is the alternative. Since fixed income remained little value and the equity markets there is a clear upward trend, it might make sense to tap into alternative strategies that, on the equity front as on the bond, allowing the manager to take bullish and bearish positions, exploiting the divergence of relative performance between individual stocks and sectors. Essential to the support of a consultant to guide the investor in selecting the most talented managers.

The Top Scenic Restaurants For A Romantic Dinner

The Top Scenic Restaurants For A Romantic Dinner

Here are the top scenic restaurants for a romantic dinner by candlelight under the stars or a beautiful sea view. A special moment to share with your loved one, especially in summer when it gets stronger the desire to disconnect, to spend more time together and enjoy a good dinner in two in a particular location and exclusive. What else you want Just try and you will settle! Let’s see some beautiful panoramic restaurants to feel butterflies in the stomach.

Aroma – Rome
Beautiful and romantic experience eating at Aroma Restaurant, the hotel’s top floor five-star Palazzo Manfredi. The dishes are tasted standing directly at the Colosseum, since this is the breathtaking view enjoyed by the local tables. The charming setting, the gourmet menu cared dall’apprezzatissimo and the view will leave you speechless.

The Clandestine – Portonovo, Ancona

A local romantic, but above all from this restaurant there is a view of the sea, sand and rocks, all the best of the Bay of Portonovo, Pearl of the Conero. The kitchen in this place of star chefs Moreno Cedroni and Maurizio Fiorini, was born the sushi the Italian remake of great Japanese dish. The delicious dishes are raw cod and creamed, shiitake mushroom, parsley and broth shellfish sauce.

Star D Star – Porto Cervo
A local brand and a gourmet restaurant that has just opened at the Cervo Hotel. All to prove for those who are or will be on vacation in beautiful Sardinia! In the kitchen there will be 10 Michelin chef who will offer as many menus that reinterpret the great food and wine of Sardinia. The view The most chic little square of the island and the harbor.

From Fraccaroli – Paradiso di Pocenia, Udine
In a country whose name is Paradise, Paradise will find it really in the beautiful restaurant From Fraccaroli in Friuli Venezia Giulia a few kilometers from Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione. In this place there is very quiet this place rustic style and romantic, with candles, soft lighting, walls with stones at sight, red tablecloths. The view is Mulino Bianco style, and offers peace and relaxation. You can taste the typical Friuli specialties try the risotto absolutely!

Riccio – Capri

The restaurant Riccio is located inside the hotel 5 star luxury Capri Palace in Capri. The decor is dominated by the colors white and blue. The kitchen is decorated with beautiful tiles and offers sought after dishes of fish. Then you will enjoy a breathtaking sea view of the Bay of Naples you will have the impression to touch the Blue Grotto!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Splits Into Two Output 21 February With Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820

Samsung Galaxy S7 Splits Into Two Output 21 February With Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820

No advance payment, but only advances for the Samsung Galaxy S7 which will be presented Feb. 21 at the MWC in Barcelona just as ‘classical procedure’ Samsung. No preview release, then, as suggested by some, to the latest version – went into production – the flagship smartphone Samsung.

Advances Galaxy S7 most important are those that relate to the main processor, almost certainly will be produced in two versions, one with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and the other with the owner Exynos 8890. Depending on the target market, then? We’ll see.

In fact the main motivation of this ‘decoupling’ lie in the fact that Samsung would not be able to produce an adequate number of Exynos 8890 for new Galaxy S7 http://www.jakartacopy.com. The choice of the Korean company would then fell on the new Qualcomm processors, with which Samsung has begun close cooperation in order to optimize the new Snapdragon 820 for use on Samsung Galaxy S7.
Differences between processors

Snapdragon 820 will be a quad-core CPU Kryo customized with 64-bit and FinFETs at 14nm production process, accompanied by a GPU Adreno 530, QuickCharge 3.0 and category 12 new LTE modem, capable of speeds of 600 Mbps download.

Exynos 8890 is not presented publicly, it should be an octa-core 64-bit set to 2.4 GHz.
Technical: advances (rumors)

Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 4GB of RAM, with a high screen resolution of at least 5.5 (probably 5.7) inches in size. The connectivity of the Galaxy S7 will be multiple with the indispensable fingerprint reader to complete it all. In the last hours, also it works its way the hypothesis of a possible return of the expansion memory with Micro SD.

Photographic industry with 12MP sensor rear of increased size that would allow a focus of absolute quality.

Smartphones have fast and secure access to data through Windows Hello !, the service Cortana can transform devices into real personal assistants and the ability to function as a PC through Continuum.
Lumia 950, Lumia 950 and Lumia 550 XL

Turn all three of Windows 10, have a camera with PureView sensor 20 Megapixel video recording in 4K. The Lumia 950 has a 5.2-inch display, the XL version 5.7 inch. These prices: 599 € and 699 €. The Lumia 550, the smartphone 4G LTE cheaper with Windows 10, but has a screen of 4.7 inches and a 5MP camera. Costa 139 €.

Best Cheap Smartphones In 2016 Huawei Honor 7

Best Cheap Smartphones In 2016 Huawei Honor 7

cost smartphone

Here’s another choice that whale forever in the minds of connoisseurs when it comes to buying cheap smartphone. Honor is now famous for being the Huawei sub-brand focused on price. It has a metal design from the relevant strength and solidity, and a great assembly. very good yield of Honor that of 7, 5.2-inch display with Full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels good colors, of prominent viewing angles thanks to IPS technology and an oleophobic coating that does not even need a protective film to avoid contamination. The hardware is very powerful with an octa-core Kirin 935 2.2 GHz, 3 GB of RAM and 64 GB of expandable storage.

As performance are at the higher limit of the midrange, thanks to efficient components and optimizing impeccable with EMUI interface. Another huge advantage is definitely the camera 20 megapixel resolution which has a dual LED flash duotone. Rich detail and acceptable colors http://www.akusewa.com. Unique and functional is also the camera for selfies by the resolution of 8 megapixels, which has a flash to improve the yield of selfies. No disappointment even under the battery, which has a capacity of 3100 mAh. The autonomy of this device also manages an intense use to peacefully end the day, while moderate use you could also give another half day. Finally, as we have already mentioned, we remind you that we have a price to say the least to scream.

PRO attractive price-quality ratio, well balanced screen, hardware to kiss, autonomy beyond expectations

AGAINST There are better pictures

Best cheap smartphones in 2016 LG G4

cost smartphone

LG G4 has a screen to be left speechless. And ‘5.5-inch, has a Quad HD resolution and a brightness, color and detail to fear. This is thanks to IPS technology that Quantum from a quality of crystalline images, combined with a definition that is the top to watch anything. Good hardware sector with the powerful processor hexa-core Snapdragon 808, 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of expandable storage. Both navigation that in gaming this terminal has achieved performances that give the show, and its optimization makes everything always very smooth and responsive. In short, the pure power. The 16-megapixel camera (8 megapixels for selfies) has an outstanding performance in all conditions and is one of the best in recent years, both among economic smartphones for top of the range.

PRO One of the best cameras, super screen defined, hardware and software spectacular

AGAINST The battery lasts a day at moderate use

Travel Safe, Major Travel Diseases, And Recommendations To Prevent

Travel Safe, Major Travel Diseases, And Recommendations To Prevent

Here are the main travel diseases and tips to prevent the onset of infection, the risk of which tends to increase significantly for those who decide to spend their summer vacations, for short or long periods, in developing countries, but also in Industrialized countries. There are several diseases which a person may experience during a trip here is few tips for safe travel.

Italian citizens who choose exotic destinations for their holidays are subject to climatic characteristics and sanitation deficiencies which are the conditions that most predispose the risk of contracting an infectious disease, perhaps rare or absent in our country. Let’s see some travel diseases.

The traveler’s diarrhea is a very common event and is manifested in most subjects that face a trip anywhere in the world, but particularly in areas with low hygienic and warm climate control. The intake of contaminated water or foods are the most common causes.

Travelers in tropical or subtropical areas are exposed to the risk of malaria and other diseases for which there is no vaccine.

dengue fever
Viral, dengue fever is caused by four viruses and is transmitted to humans by mosquito bites that have, in turn, point an infected person. There is therefore direct infection of humans, even if the man is the main host of the virus. Normally the disease gives rise to fever over a period of 5-6 days after the mosquito bite, with very high temperatures. The fever is accompanied by acute headaches. Do not come into contact with mosquitoes, use repellent and suitable clothing and protect yourself with mosquito nets and curtains. Since mosquitoes are most active early in the morning, it is especially important to use protection in this part of the day.

Sexually transmitted diseases
On vacation increases the risk of unprotected casual sex, with the danger of contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B, HIV-AIDS and syphilis. However, the risk of infection can be reduced by always using a condom.

Diseases transmitted by food and drink

It can be contracted through the consumption of food or water contaminated by infectious agents, as well as traveler’s diarrhea, typhoid, cholera and hepatitis A. Adopt hygiene standards in hiring all food and drink that is consumed during the journey it is essential to reduce the risk of contagion. Also it should avoid direct contact with contaminated water also means baths in unsafe waters from the point of view of hygiene.

A Simple House Outside But With A Unique Style In!

A Simple House Outside But With A Unique Style In!

We move today on the Lisbon coast to see the renovation of a house made by the architects of the study Pedro Quintela. The organization of the interior spaces was marked by the opening and constructed through the use of warm materials such as wood and enriched by the use of accent lighting in unusual corners of the house, in a harmonious contrast with the light-toned walls in white and beige. The result is, as we shall see, a very bright house inside, organically included in a rustic outdoor setting dominated by white surfaces and exposed stone. Let’s see the result.

A rustic house

In this overview of the exterior we can see that the house was built on the original rustic structure with stone walls kept out on the perimeter walls, built with white concrete walls. The original rustic property was so valued http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan, and we will see how even the interiors have been supplemented and revised in this sense, finding an admirable balance.

A good first impression

The configuration of the house immediately presented the features that will be developed in all indoor environments. The solid wood dominates, painted in a neutral manner that emerge in all their beauty, texture and grain, sending a familiar warmth. The exposed beams on the ceiling and the floor in sight axes are integrated with finishing concrete walls, to resume the exterior. The rustic style is enhanced by the new lighting, which starts from the bottom, to unusual angles.

A nice place to cook

The supporting structures of the house become decorative elements, columns and wooden floors as in the case of the kitchen, wrap around the space, combining functionality and decoration. The organization of the fluid and enveloping space makes pleasant the operations of the kitchen, accessibility is the common denominator. A happy contrast is introduced through the choice of stainless steel appliances, inserted in the natural context of the large wooden floors, shelves and beams.

Decorative elements

Furnishings include areas such as this, where the dark brown wood contrasts with the white and the pink of the elegant lamps. Also here are replicated glass containers a detail that offers style without weighing it down. Also note the modern design of the small dresser clean lines combined with a classic material such as walnut.

Timeless elements

There are particulates furnishing elements that can cross eras and styles, seem timeless. And ‘the case of the Eames chair that we see in this first floor designed in 1948, is still very much loved by architects and interior designers, who contextualize always in different contexts. Here for example, just the addition of a soft green pillow to match interior in folk inspiration ceramic table.

A Small House That Does Not Envy The Largest Villas

A Small House That Does Not Envy The Largest Villas

This house can not fail to surprise you! The exterior is very modern and nice, but inside … you will find a style that from the outside you will certainly not guessed! The atmosphere is very special and well worth a ride in this residence to learn more about the study project DOMY W stylu, come on!

The main facade

Seen from outside, this house is modern and well maintained, but it certainly does not leave anything to guess the particular style that distinguishes the rooms inside http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. However, it is certainly very pleasant facade in white and gray plaster and wood; It is modern and well designed.

The rear facade

The rear is characterized by the style and by the same mix of colors and materials. External flooring instead changes the front was in gray stone, while here it is in wooden slats, which invite more to enjoy the outdoor space.

A modern kitchen

The kitchen has a modern off-grid structure. It is certainly very functional and well designed, with ample work space and appliances arranged according to the latest trends – the column with double oven is a must of modern kitchens. The strong presence of light wood, combined with white laminate of the bases, gives this space a cozy look and very current. The lighting is very abundant, guaranteed from the large window and the numerous spotlights. And the hood A piece of design!

The dining room

Here is a view of the open space area. Living and dining room are part of a single large space in which the prevailing feeling is of great heat, thanks to the chromatic choice. A stand out immediately the library to ceiling, which immediately gives the idea of ??a house fully lived, well away from a house – museum, where everything is perfect; Here prevails a sense of familiarity.

The living room retro – chic

The area of ??the living room is very special, both for the color choices, they see combined green, orange and gray – an unusual mix, but very successful – both for the design of used furniture, which are very original and make unique environment!

A special space

And here’s the surprise a wonderful fireplace! The simplicity is what characterizes this element, whose frame fades into the white wall. The wood is collected in a vertical niche. A beautiful composition, which in combination to the furnishings with clean lines is just perfect.

The Most Beautiful Views In The Movies Travel Destinations, Original Ideas For Starting

The Most Beautiful Views In The Movies Travel Destinations, Original Ideas For Starting

Here are the most beautiful views in the movies travel destinations, many original ideas for a long holiday in a magical place, or a weekend without going too far with the family. But there are some destinations that are definitely more ideal for a couple Let’s find out together!

In the summer, at least one short trip we concedercelo, even a few days. Maybe it could be an opportunity to see a new place or to return to a place that you remained in the heart, but if you too are struggling with the choice of a destination, and you have enough advice of friends, then try inspired by the cinema. Movies can literally give us more points of view even of those places we thought we knew, so here’s goals inspired by the film to travel alone, in pairs but also in the family.

Budapest is a perfect city from various points of view. It ‘easy to get, so you can go only on weekends. And ‘economic, certainly also it is among the most popular low cost destinations in season, and is also a special place for all movie fans, especially after the release of the film Grand Hotel Budapest.

Among the most beautiful views in the movies travel destinations could not miss London, a great place all year round, offering many ideas, with many things to do and see, but this summer could also prove to be the ideal destination for family travelers. Children will love a magical place where anything is possible. Which In a word, the Warner Bros Studio Harry Potter.

And what about the magnificent scenery of the film with which Paolo Sorrentino last year you won the Oscar Surely you’ve been to Rome, but the masterpiece The Great Beauty definitely shows it in a new perspective.

A Good Year by Russel Crow and Magin in the Moonlight, one of the best films of Woody Allen, are only two of the films that they showed us the beauty of Provence, a perfect place for a romantic trip for two. In Paris Alternatively definitely it is a great alternative if you’ve never been with your partner, a perfect destination for art lovers. Who among you would not want to relive some moments of Midnight in Paris or the beautiful retro atmosphere of Mouling Rouge.

If you do not want to go too far from home but you feel like a holiday full of culture and nature, then Florence may the perfect destination for you, a little ‘how we tells Giacomo Leopardi in the film Young fabulous.

Acne Treatment Bionutrizionale

Acne Treatment Bionutrizionale

Acne is mainly due to a mix of causes hormonal, infectious, dietary. It supports infection staphylococcus aureus that infects the follicle, causing a secretion seborrheic accentuated. The secretion is induced by an increased sensitivity to hormones in androgenic activity (the male hormones, often determined by conditions of stress). No coincidence occurs mainly during the progestin of the female cycle, when higher progesterone production. However dietary mistakes, especially due to imbalances of sugars and difficult to dispose of toxic, increase the phenomenon.

Acne occurs when there is always an imbalance of blood glucose. If a person follows a diet too low or iperglucidica appears immediately acne http://jualobatjerawat.net. And ‘the swing in blood sugar that causes these imbalances. Not only occasional excesses. The reactive hypoglycemia (that follows a meal too rich in sugars that bind the insulin) starts the adrenal gland that causes a hormonal reaction immediately, so after a lunch messy, already in the afternoon appears acne.

Acne is also talk of an impairment slowed, which prevents properly manage hormones, which is why the choices bionutritional also indicate the need to stimulate the liver. It is therefore essentially a manifestation of elimination tossinica.
The basic treatment has the aim of reducing the activity of androgen hormones in tissues, but also the reduction of inflammation and infections that induce pus formation, regulation of blood sugar and liver detoxification.


The plants that nature offers to soothe the manifestations of acne are: the Uncaria tormenting (immunostimulatory and anti-inflammatory), the Astragalus membranaceus and the use of turmeric in cooking always be associated to an adequate vitamin A supplementation, which you can get enough drinking a daily glass of carrot centrifuged, to drink after lunch, instead of fruit.

Other drugs, traditional activities and choleretic antiseborrheic are especially extracts Burdock, Dandelion but especially the Artichoke. It ‘been shown a good effectiveness of Commiphora mukul also called Guggul in acne therapy nodulocyctic (Thappa, 1994), a Himalayan plant whose resin, in the form of dry extract, is marketed as a dietary supplement used primarily in hypercholesterolemia, phytotherapeutic which can also be used for long periods of therapy.