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Play-Doh Birthday Sculptures for Florent

Another unusual way we celebrate office birthdays...

Every month we have birthday cookies to honor our comrades in the office, and many times, we do something a little extra special to celebrate, usually odd things, like hand-drawn birthday cards or wearing colored shirts that match a birthday boy or girl's last name.

This week some humans in the office commemorated Florent's "Annual Creation Date Checkpoint" (the robot equivalent of a "birthday") by creating Play-Doh sculptures to decorate his cubicle, err, docking station.

Microsoft Excel Terminator

Microsoft Excel Terminator

You see, Florent is believed to be a humanoid robot built in France 25 years ago. Many speculate that engineers designed him to be a Microsoft Excel Terminator, but like Skynet, he became self-aware and downloaded other programs that make him a lethal adversary in competitive activities such as: Pool, Golf, Ping Pong and Swing Dancing.

However, any similarities to the Terminator end there as Florent is a very affable and lovable French robot. Everyone in the office feels fortunate to have him crunching numbers on our team, and moreover, happy to count him as a friend.

Happy Annual Creation Date Checkpoint, Florent!

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