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Keepin’ It Classy

It's time to play catch up on some events that should have been written about awhile ago.

Coming to work day after day can get monotonous in any office, if you let it. So we do our best to shake things up from time to time at Living Direct. Back in November, or Movember as we were calling it, the weather was finally getting chilly enough here in Texas for people to start wearing jackets and coats.

On one Thursday, blazers began appearing.


And on that day it was declared the following Thursday would be known as Blazer Thurzday. And everyone, men and women, would be asked to participate by donning a blazer. As part of the festivities, we held a “Blaze-In” during the lunch hour at a nearby restaurant.

Blazer Thurzday

And it even included a guest appearance by one of the office little ones.

More recently, we held "Tie Friday." While most offices like to keep Fridays casual, we've always preferred to be a little more unique. Some kept to their usual Friday attire and simply added a tie, while others dressed to the nines. Many of the ties were actually provided by  the ladies of the office and had been screenprinted with designs.

Tie Friday at Living Direct

Also, check out the bandages on our arms. Tie Friday also happened to be the day of our blood drive. We were able to reach our goal of 2 gallons! So it was a very successful day, indeed.

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