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Free Trip to Costa Rica for an LD Employee

Last year, the company would send out an employee survey every quarter to find out how the company was doing in terms of employee satisfaction. One of the last questions always asked was which employees others thought best exemplified our company values. At the end of the year, the votes were tallied and the person with the most votes won a week of vacation and a free trip to the location of their choice for them and their family.

The winner for 2010 was Rudy Cantu.

Rudy is the Customer Service Manager in the call center and one of the biggest personalities in the company. It was a well-deserved win that sent Rudy and some friends on a trip to Costa Rica. He recently returned from his trip and had this to share:

Hello All,

I am happy to report that I am back from a week off in Costa Rica. It was a great time. I want to thank Mr. Rick Lundbom for allowing this trip to happen. It is a great feeling to know I work for a company, a person, who appreciates his employees input. I also want to thank everyone who voted in last year's employee surveys. You guys rock! On my trip, I was asked several times what I did for a living. I explained my position then what our organization does as a whole and in the end I made sure I explained how I was able to sit next to them. Almost every time I explained this I was asked again, "What was the name of the company you work for?" My response was always, "Living Direct. When you have a chance, visit the site. Our phone reps are open 8-5 Central time, Mon-Fri, but of course we are always open 24 hours online." Sell it! Again, I want to thank everyone for the great time.

Below are some of the things I learned and re-learned in my adventures:

1. Don't be alarmed if your hotel room does not have an AC system. This is a good sign you may need to call downstairs for another blanket.
2. When your hotel window is overlooking a plaza that has had a live band playing all day, it is likely there will be a band playing all night. If you can't beat them, join them!
3. Tip your hotel baggage/bartender/gate keeper well. They are gold when needed.
4. Nasal strips will keep you from killing your roommate.
5. Free breakfast is GREAT.
6. Buy a Hyundai Santa Fe -- Gas is great and they shift well on a winding mountain road with no rail and no bottom to be seen. I promise you will feel safe.
7. If the speed limit is 60 kilometers - drive 60 kilometers! Every cop is an Eliot Ness.
8. Walking in a bar speaking the local language will save you 20 to 30% on your drinks. Locals can sniff new cash.
9. Avoid telling successful NY realtors they talk too much. They are subject to cry.
10. Do not drink a lot and walk downhill. Or is that uphill? Doesn't matter, the results are the same.
11. Taking two cabs is always an option.
12. Hot springs will make your swimming shorts smell the next day. Not a good idea to leave them in your car for 24 hours on a hot day.
13. Killing your fellow traveler for leaving their smelly hot spring shorts in the car 24 hours on a hot day is considered a crime. I checked.

The locals have a saying "Puro Vida." By definition it means "Pure Life." This is used as a greeting as well as a farewell. I figured it not only means to live a good life, but also to live your life. So to my Living Direct peeps I say..."Puro Vida!"

Check out the photos from Rudy's trip:

Congratulations again, Rudy!

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