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Customer Appreciation Month at Living Direct &

Chances are, if you placed an order on any Living Direct Network site in the month of May or early June, you received a handwritten note from one of our employees and maybe even a Living Direct tote bag.

Living Direct Tote Bag & Cards

We wanted a genuine way to show our customers that we appreciate them. We didn't want to be gimmicky or cheesy and send out generic printed notes typed up in a font that looks like handwriting. While some customers might think a note like that is nice, it doesn't show any sincerity or any real thought behind the action. Instead, we wanted our notes to be from real people in our company expressing their authentic sentiments.

Every employee at Living Direct, including the CEO and other executives, received 100 notecards on which to write their thanks to our customers. A few templates were provided to give an idea of what should be written, but many chose to write their own original messages. Some of the standouts included the phrase "paragon of a perfect customer" and a pen drawing of Van Gogh's "Starry Night." We hope that our obvious enthusiasm and creativity made at least one customer's day.

The feedback from this project was great. We received emails from customers that wanted to thank us for our thank you note, which was both funny and very nice to hear. Many customer service representatives also reported receiving phone calls from customers who were touched by the cards.

Unfortunately, not every order was able to be sent with a card or a tote bag, but we tried. If you didn't receive a card with your order, whether placed during Customer Appreciation Month or any other time, then please enjoy this note from Cynthia in Customer Service. We appreciate our customers year round and hope to continue proving this through our excellent service and products.

Thank You Card from Cynthia

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