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Ice Cream Bridal Shower for Our Little Bengal

Raymond in I Heart TwinsJust last week our little Bengal, Online Channel Marketing Analyst Carly Brown, got married.

Some background info:

Carly hails from The Queen City (Cincinnati, OH) and is a Bengals fan by jus soli. In recent years, the team has made some new fans amongst our University of Texas Longhorn faithful due to the huge influx of former Horns on the roster.

Living Direct doesn’t know much about Carly’s husband, but based solely on the fact that he loves the I heart Twins T-shirt, we approve.

To celebrate Carly’s upcoming nuptials, some of the marketing department decorated her cube. Christine and kathyphantastic upcycled some incorrect-sized coffee filters into flowers and intern Joanna brought in balloons.

Upcycled Coffee Filter Flowers

Kathyphantastic also crafted a personalized banner celebrating Carly and her beau, Raymond.

Co-workers pooled funds to get Carly and Raymond a gift card to help pay for newlywed expenses.

In her honor, Living Direct threw an Ice Cream Bridal Shower. We had some detectives find out her favorite flavor, which, for the record is cookie dough.

Key ICLCs (Ice Cream Logistics Coordinators) surreptitiously brought in ice cream, waffle cones, syrups and sprinkles. These same ice creamologists were able to use this opportunity to showcase the EdgeStar FP630 Portable Fridge / Freezer. Our half gallons of Blue Bell ice cream were kept in a perfectly deep freeze until the exact moment we were ready to shower Carly with sprinkles.

Most of Living Direct celebrated with ice cream sundaes.

The ice cream fairy and his ice cream

Peter's method of celebration involved refraining from the frozen treats and instead posing with this skillet. To each his own, really.

Avanti induction skillet model

Congratulations Carly, Living Direct wishes you and Raymond the best.

Living Direct Ice Cream Bridal Shower

Carly Ochocinco Brown Pringle and her husband will reside in Austin, Texas with their dog and kegerators.

*Note: Only “Ochocinco” is not (yet) a part of her legal name. One thing we did learn about Carly’s new husband is that his (and now her) last name is Pringle. Yes, like the chip.

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