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FAQ: What is the Best Humidifier for 1200 Sq Ft Plus?

What is the best humidifier for 1,200 sq. ft. or more?

If you need a humidifier for a large space, such as 1,200 sq. ft. or larger, then you should purchase a whole house humidifier. Cool or warm mist humidifiers are usually meant for single rooms or personal use, while whole house humidifiers can humidify homes up to 2,500 sq ft.

The best humidifier is somewhat subjective. Instead, you should look at which are the best brands of humidifiers, because whole house humidifiers are available in a variety of styles and you will want one that looks nice and isn't an eyesore in your home. Definitely look at reviews across numerous sites to determine which brand and humidifier you think will be best for you.

In our experience at, the best brand for whole house humidifiers is Essick Air. Here are our top-rated Essick Air whole house humidifiers and snippets of reviews:

1. Essick Air Console Style Whole House Evaporative Humidifier (SKU: 821000)

"The water capacity is greater than other style humidifier and so the time between additions is much longer."

"Small, quiet & it works."

"We use for the whole house, and it does an awesome job. No more static shocks, dry eyes and there seems to be less dust in the air."

2. Essick Air Credenza Style Whole House Cool Mist Humidifier and Air Cleaner (SKU: 697500)

"This humidifier does everything I wanted one to do. It really puts moisture into the house as evidenced by the monitor on my wall weather station."

"As rated it does the whole house of 2300 sq ft for 24 hours in the driest winter cold."

"I Have Had Many humidifiers in the past but this one so far is one of the best"

3. Essick Air Console Style Whole House Cool Mist Humidifier (SKU: H12300)

"Was very impressed with performance."

"Works very well and easy to put together no tools needed"

"Exactly what I needed"

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