Ordinary Check In Solidarity Funds Bilateral

Ordinary Check In Solidarity Funds Bilateral

With circular 201 of 16 December 2015, INPS provides guidance on the ordinary rules of the check as provided by 30 of the Decree. 1482015 on the reorganization of social safety nets in constant employment.

The check is among those forms of income support provided by bilateral solidarity funds in the event of suspension or curtailment of activity, for the causes provided for the ordinary and extraordinary redundancy fund, in favor of workers employed in sectors not covered the scope of income assistance.

The circular explains, in particular, the objective and subjective scope of the check http://smconsult.co.id/id/tax-consultant-jakarta.html, the entry into force, the causal, the extent and duration of maximum performance, the contribution-related, the additional contribution and the manner of application .

From next year it will be extended to self-employed mothers, the benefit of babysitting for children, already enjoyed by female employees and parasubordinate. Vouchers babysitting will be required to replace (or partial) of the parental leave.

To establish an amendment to the Stability Law 2016. Of this financial contribution can benefit working mothers today only civil servants or private employers, or those autonomous parasubordinate entered under separate management INPS.

The contribution amounts to EUR 600 per month for a maximum of six months (€ 3,600 total). For parasubordinate workers, however, the maximum duration is three months (making a total of 1,800 Euros) and will remain so for new beneficiaries self-employed or entrepreneurs. Within a month, a specific decree, will govern the use. The transaction cost for 2016 will be 2 million euro.

In the letter the Committee and consumers recall the tragic suicide of Luigino, the pensioner who took his own life after losing his savings in the bankruptcy of the bank Etruria, and ask for an audience with the Pope to represent our suffering after they were erased with a stroke of a pen, the sacrifices of generations to 130,000 families of Banca Marche, Popolare Etruria, CariChieti, CariFerrara . They stress that the rescue at any cost banking, by charging the price to the population, without the firm decision to review and reform the entire system, reaffirms an absolute domination of finance that has no future and that will only create new crises after a long, expensive and apparent cure.  And in the Encyclical Praise You, predatory hegemony of finance and the domain of banks, which failed to shake the conscience of hairy-known bankers, politicians, governments and authorities vigilant as Bank of Italy, CONSOB, ECB, you, Holy Father He had already designed the catastrophic scenarios that would soon kill anybody innocent, guilty of having made sacrifices to save.

Savings, From Diamonds To Certificates Seven ways To Expand Horizons

Savings, From Diamonds To Certificates Seven ways To Expand Horizons

Government bonds, corporate bonds, a little ‘liquidity and q.s. actions Those who rely on old recipes to build a balanced portfolio, by merely changing the dose of the equity component, to give more or less pepper to asset allocation, risk of preparing an indigestible meal. Suffice to say that a basket as the Barclays Capital Global Aggregate, composed of good quality government and corporate securities, of developed and emerging countries, makes 1.4% (as the ten-year BTP), for a duration of almost 7 years. Neither the equity, moreover, offers encouraging prospects. The current stock market cycle has turned seven and, in many areas, prices have reached valuation levels not exactly cheap, says Marcello Rubiu, Norisk partner of the consulting firm. All this is topped off by an increase in episodes of high volatility.

The ways

A possible solution Review the menu and choose new ingredients to be mixed with traditional ones. Here are seven unconventional investment ideas to build a richer and more diversified portfolio of chance http://smconsult.co.id/id/konsultan-pajak-jakarta.html. The first is called volatility Rather than deal with anxiety violent price swings, investors can ride them, for example through an ETF on the Vix an index that expresses the expectations on the short-term volatility of the S & P500. There are also specialized active funds, where the manager, through sophisticated strategies, betting on the rise or on the decline in volatility. These products can also be used, and above all from the perspective of diversification and a hedge against extraordinary events. Eg the possibility Brexit suggests Rubiu.

Then there is gold. Since the beginning of the 2000s, he has made more than any other asset class about 8.5% a year. In 2011, it began a long downtrend, though that seems to have reversed course. The rise in gold, since last December, has been favored by growing doubts about the effectiveness of monetary policies and the negative rates, which increase its appeal, recalls vice president Norisk. It tends to give good results in the lifting phase of inflationary expectations or with the increase in risk aversion. You can invest in the yellow metal through Etc (exchange traded commodities) or focusing on the mining companies stocks, compared with a much more pronounced risk.

The third group is the alternative. Since fixed income remained little value and the equity markets there is a clear upward trend, it might make sense to tap into alternative strategies that, on the equity front as on the bond, allowing the manager to take bullish and bearish positions, exploiting the divergence of relative performance between individual stocks and sectors. Essential to the support of a consultant to guide the investor in selecting the most talented managers.

The Top Scenic Restaurants For A Romantic Dinner

The Top Scenic Restaurants For A Romantic Dinner

Here are the top scenic restaurants for a romantic dinner by candlelight under the stars or a beautiful sea view. A special moment to share with your loved one, especially in summer when it gets stronger the desire to disconnect, to spend more time together and enjoy a good dinner in two in a particular location and exclusive. What else you want Just try and you will settle! Let’s see some beautiful panoramic restaurants to feel butterflies in the stomach.

Aroma – Rome
Beautiful and romantic experience eating at Aroma Restaurant, the hotel’s top floor five-star Palazzo Manfredi. The dishes are tasted standing directly at the Colosseum, since this is the breathtaking view enjoyed by the local tables. The charming setting, the gourmet menu cared dall’apprezzatissimo and the view will leave you speechless.

The Clandestine – Portonovo, Ancona

A local romantic, but above all from this restaurant there is a view of the sea, sand and rocks, all the best of the Bay of Portonovo, Pearl of the Conero. The kitchen in this place of star chefs Moreno Cedroni and Maurizio Fiorini, was born the sushi the Italian remake of great Japanese dish. The delicious dishes are raw cod and creamed, shiitake mushroom, parsley and broth shellfish sauce.

Star D Star – Porto Cervo
A local brand and a gourmet restaurant that has just opened at the Cervo Hotel. All to prove for those who are or will be on vacation in beautiful Sardinia! In the kitchen there will be 10 Michelin chef who will offer as many menus that reinterpret the great food and wine of Sardinia. The view The most chic little square of the island and the harbor.

From Fraccaroli – Paradiso di Pocenia, Udine
In a country whose name is Paradise, Paradise will find it really in the beautiful restaurant From Fraccaroli in Friuli Venezia Giulia a few kilometers from Lignano Sabbiadoro and Bibione. In this place there is very quiet this place rustic style and romantic, with candles, soft lighting, walls with stones at sight, red tablecloths. The view is Mulino Bianco style, and offers peace and relaxation. You can taste the typical Friuli specialties try the risotto absolutely!

Riccio – Capri

The restaurant Riccio is located inside the hotel 5 star luxury Capri Palace in Capri. The decor is dominated by the colors white and blue. The kitchen is decorated with beautiful tiles and offers sought after dishes of fish. Then you will enjoy a breathtaking sea view of the Bay of Naples you will have the impression to touch the Blue Grotto!