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Want to get rich quick, the following tips on successful business people – the meaning or definition of rich is a relative thing depending on who defines what is wealth. Most people generally will define that it is a life rich wallow many treasures and fulfilled all his needs without having any debt. Seang wealth for motivator, a businessperson or entrepreneur is the ability to survive with the existing lifestyle without having to work. While we as a layman would call that rich memiiki all things luxurious without being in debt is like having a lot of cars, homes or property, of land, has a generating assets (company or business).

Well whatever the definition of wealth we all agreed that the rich is having a lot of things (property, house, money, cars, clothing, food, etc.) exceeds what we need to survive. Rich is relative. Some people feel rich when we have the money Rp 10 million, some people feel wealthy when having money of IDR 10 billion. According to Forbes magazine rich people whose income is above U $ 1 million per year. Meanwhile, according to Robert T Kiyosaki that rich is not how big you are, but rich in active income is passive income if you are greater than the cost of living.

How to Quickly Become Rich

According to research conducted by Gallup International stated that the average executive in Asia can only last for 90 days with the existing lifestyle when she stopped working tomorrow, after which they must begin to sell the asset or continues to owe. Although in describing it is different for everyone, got that want to live well, others do not have any debts, those that are rich liver origin, still rich, and much more.

If asked who want to get rich of course you all will be answered in unison “I”, even I will stretch out my index finger when he heard the question hehehhehehe … Being rich, millionaires, billionaires whatever you call it is certainly not that easy as it sounds or like turning the palm of the hand, especially just standing by waiting for it to come wealth (sounds impossible).

But of course the wealth is not impossible also to obtain for those of you who want to work hard, unyielding, determined, passionate, intelligent manage and collect money, keep studying and praying. Because it proved a lot of millionaires, billionaires who have sprung up even at a relatively young age. nah this time I will share some tips on how to get rich by the businessman, entrepreneur, successful executives as quoted by Forbes Online:

Saving, smart and careful in managing money.
Being rich does not like you won the lottery 1 billion, which these days you win, the next day the money is in your hands. Being rich it needs to downsize (not owe, not extravagant, put the needs are important, not berfoya spree). Always apply the old saying goes that little bit longer will be hills. Being rich is not just enough cost saving (saving money and expect a wait of bank interest), but you are required to make your money grow into a big (investment) in its business or businesses. After you successfully build a business investment or business the next process is carefully how to manage your money so that money continues to grow and minimize losses in business or businesses.

Had heard stories of people china that can save money and carefully manage their money, even so thrifty they are to be willing to eat porridge every day for the success of their businesses, and are often considered to be the miser. But it could take a lesson money that failure by difficult but endless easily so if you want to be rich you must be frugal and not meant as an example of a Chinese man before, but saving to be able to sort out which are beneficial and not to us when using the money of our income, curious Chinese men how fast rich Chinese men.

Try insvestasi, not just saving money
Saving is good to anticipate the unexpected (child goes to school, you fall ill to work, etc.) But if you’re just saving in the hope of getting rich I think the probability is very small. You might expect with your money will continue to grow with the hope to get the interest of money you tube, it may be true but it was very little interest unless you save more than 10 billion. The businessman suggested for those who want to be rich then invest your money to make it grow and continue to grow.

Many people who seek to become rich by saving, this is not one but saving just is not quite right because your money will not grow, the better the money you were trying to use to investment such as buying land, gold, property strategic, business assets and more likely to has a sale value that more expensive or ride every time.

stop prestige
People who have excess money tend to have a high prestige, they felt compelled to follow the pattern of life for people surmounted by contributing buy luxury goods, such as buying a car brand, a nice home, branded clothing when it is not good, if such you would quickly run out of money before you really make money work for you. Did you know that people can get rich quick singapore, it is because they are not interested in expensive jewelry or luxury cars.

stop owe
When you decide to forced debt, use the money from your loan as well as possible, be able to venture capital. But remember not to spend money debt, develop the money and think about how to restore it. has a habit of debt for purposes that do not need to make your home away from wealth.

Not stopping Learning
The businessman who proved to successfully generate wealth, they never stop learning how to make money. How to get rich quick (in a good way) and wallowing in wealth, that’s what you have to learn from now on if you want to live rich.

Remove all the things that make you are not rich (success)
Wasters, idlers, owe, do not think about the future and other bad habits. All you have to maintain is your passion to make money, continue to always learn from people who are successful and inspiring, learning quickly get up when you fall or fail, and pray to God.

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