7 Excellent Meals for Losing Natural Weight

In addition to rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are very low in calories. Eating 5 servings a day helps us stay more satisfied
Food plays a very important role in everyone’s life, because through it the body receives essential nutrients to strengthen the immune system, receive energy, prevent disease and, in general, enjoy good health.

The best thing is that there are certain foods that are also supporters of weight loss because they contain the accelerating properties of metabolism and help burn fat more easily.
According to Huffpost Voices, food for weight loss is aids to activate metabolism, burn more calories and avoid problems like being overweight. This time we share the 7 most recommended foods to lose weight naturally and without starvation.

Extra virgin coconut oil
Several studies have found that coconut oil acts as a supporter of healthy weight loss when equipped with a balanced diet.

These foods contain healthy omega 3 fats, help burn fat and stimulate metabolism to lose weight more easily. Natural beauty. To take advantage of the benefits, there is no need to apply a diet based on coconut oil. Simply enter it with regularity in feeding.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is a very versatile product that can be used for various purposes at home. This product is obtained by fermenting fresh apple cider and is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids.

Thanks to its high nutritional and amino acids, this product is ideal for burning fat healthily and losing weight in no time.

It is important to choose high-quality apple cider vinegar, because the economic line usually has an additive that reduces its properties.
Most fruits, if not all, strongly support the diet to lose weight. It can be taken at any time and is ideal for overcoming moments of anxiety where we can easily exceed calories.

Low-calorie fruit includes:
• Melon
• watermelon
• Berries
• Peaches
• Apple

Bananas and avocados should be eaten sufficiently as they contain fewer calories. Dried fruits contain healthy fats, but should also be eaten sufficiently.

Plus fruit, vegetables is an ideal complement to weight loss. Vegetables are very low in calories and, in addition, are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Eating 5 servings of vegetables per day is ideal for healthy weight loss and staying full longer.
It is advisable to consume raw vegetables, because in this way they utilize the properties to 100%.

Skinny fish
Lean fish or blue fish is part of a good diet to lose weight naturally, because it contains a sense of satiety, contains healthy fats, helps eliminate bad cholesterol, contains proteins and other essential nutrients to lose weight.

Among the recommended fish that we find:
• sardines
• salmon
• Mackerel
• Tuna

Fish preparation is very important to take advantage of the benefits. Cut or soaking should be avoided, because bread flour absorbs a lot of fat and can have a negative impact on the body.
The ideal is to prepare it with small olive oil, roasted, or gratinado in the oven with some natural ingredients.

When losing weight, asparagus is a great support for diet, as they have diuretic and depurative properties. Asparagus consumption helps fight fluid retention, stimulates waste disposal from the body and also increases metabolism to burn fat more easily.
This food is part of a group that contains so-called “negative calories”, because to digest it burns more calories than is consumed.

They are ideal for supplementing lunch or preparing a light and healthy dinner.

Although there are many myths about egg consumption, it is actually proven that these foods are very beneficial to diet and can help you lose weight healthily. Eggs have a very important amount of vitamin B12, which controls metabolism.
In addition, it contains proteins that are essential for building muscle mass and for improving physical performance.
The ideal is to eat boiled eggs, preferably without egg yolks. Avoid frying or other additions such as sausages.

8 Best Ways to Reduce Open Pores

In addition to closing the widened pores, honey and sugar exfoliant favors removing dirt and dead cells and softens the skin.

Open the pores are part of the lives of many people, who keep trying to reduce it so as not to accumulate dirt and eventually become a blackhead or acne annoying. Pores are reportedly less aesthetic look, because it makes the face tend to shiny and with the problem of excess fat. Luckily, there are several formulas to reduce it and achieve a smoother and healthier skin appearance.

There are currently some commercial treatments that help reduce open pores to avoid blackheads and acne problems. However, it is not necessary to invest large sums of money to solve this problem, as some natural formulas provide excellent results at minimum prices.
Salvia lotion
This sage lotion has an astringent and antiseptic properties that help cleanse the skin very deeply, stimulating the removal of dirt and dead cells. Natural beauty. This substance helps reduce excess fat and minimize open pores to improve skin health.

What do you have to do

Prepare a sage infusion and apply on your face with a clean cloth or cotton.

This natural ingredient has many benefits for your skin, including its strength to close the open pores and lighten the skin naturally.

What do you have to do

Every night, before bed, wash your face well and apply buttermilk with a piece of cotton. Leave on for 20 minutes and lift with warm water.
Clay Mask

Clay is a regulatory agent and regenerant substance that helps you remove excess fat in the skin and reduce pore size.

What do you have to do

Soak some white or green clay with water and apply a paste on the face, leave for 15 or 20 minutes. After this time, release gently with warm water.

Peeled papaya

This natural remedy helps cleanse the skin deeply and reduce pores to avoid blackheads.

What you owe

It cleans your skin very well. Cut the papaya and, with the inside of the shell, rub your face. Let it act for 15 minutes.

Egg whites

White eggs are ideal for toning the skin and while reducing the widened pores. This material facilitates the removal of dead cells and improve skin health.

What do you have to do

Combine egg whites with a teaspoon of cornstarch and a thick paste form. If the mixture is free of bumps, apply a uniform coat to the entire face and leave for 20 minutes or until completely dry.

Lemon juice

This natural ingredient has important skin benefits that include action substances, disinfectants and lighters. It is important to apply this treatment at night, as it should not be exposed to sunlight.

What do you have to do

Take lemon juice, soak the cotton with it and use it to gently squeeze the face to reduce the pores. Let the lemon act for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Almond flour

This flour helps significantly reduce pores and avoid annoying blackheads.

What do you have to do

Grind a third of the almonds in the blender until it has the consistency of flour. Another option is to get almond powder at a supermarket or health food store. Mix two parts of almond flour with water and paste form with soft texture. Apply the mixture gently over the open pores and leave for 30 minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water and dry it carefully. Ideally, repeat this treatment 3 times a week.

Honey with sugar

Natural scrub is very helpful to close the pores that dilate and remove dirt that accumulate in the face and cause acne. Its nature facilitates the removal of dead cells and softens the skin, leaving it updated.

What do you have to do

In a mixed bowl two tablespoons of honey with sugar and apply on face with a soft coiled massage. Leave on for 10 minutes and lift with cold water.

Foods That Should Not Be Replaced with The Same

Although we may look similar, the reality is that there will always be potions that have better qualities than others, or some other thing that is shown in accordance with a particular case.

Although at first we may think that there are some similar foods and therefore replace each other the truth is that this is not true.

Record these eight foods that should not be substituted for each other.

1. Turkey and chicken

They may look very similar to meat, but the reality is they are not so much and are not replaced by others.

In this sense, turkey meat contains fewer calories, cholesterol and saturated fat than chickens.
Remember that turkey is a really hypoallergenic type of meat.

Meat is much easier to digest and nutrients are absorbed in a much simpler and faster way.

In addition, this type of meat contains more vitamins A, B, E, phosphorus, calcium and sodium than chicken, which is also reflected in its preparation, which will require less salt.
The only drawback is turkey, because chicken is cheaper and easy to find.

2. Beef
Although we often associate meat with meat, the truth is not the same. Veal contains more protein than meat.

It is also healthier because it contains less fat than meat, and its energy value feels lower.
Betis has 98 calories per 100 grams and meat 218.
The only flaw that is served in front of the beef is harder to cook so it is easy and tender.

3. Cauliflower and Broccoli

Cauliflower and broccoli are often confused as well. Although both are included in the crucifera family, broccoli has a much higher nutritional value than cauliflower.

Broccoli contains more vitamins A, C, K, but also more calories than cauliflower.
This is a type of dish that offers a more intense flavor and, in turn, serves to satisfy hunger better.

4. Olive oil and sunflower oil
Sunflower oil and olive oil can also appear, a priori, similar products, but not too. Sunflower oil is cheaper than olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil is not always recommended and one of those cases is when we want to fry something.
In terms of calories they are very similar.
However, in olive oil we find phytosterols that block the buildup of cholesterol.

5. Bulgur and couscous

That is the confusion between two dishes that for many people are the same, but bulgur and kuskusnya little or nothing to do. Although both are based on wheat, the difference is being processed.

Couscous is made from crushed granules to semolina size. Then sprinkled with water and covered with flour.
In the case of bulgur, the grains are treated with steam and then destroyed. The advantage is that wheat stores more nutrients and vitamins.

How to Control the Treatment of Hair Loss with Coconut Water and Lemon

In addition to avoiding excessive use of heating elements, this coconut and lemon water blend is ideal for strengthening hair follicles, hair and giving strength to prevent it from falling

Excess hair loss is a clear sign of weakening of the roots or lack of some essential nutrients.

Although one of the most common aesthetic problems in men and women, it is important to pay attention from the early stages so that hair does not lose its volume.

And while you can not avoid losing up to 100 threads per day, it is best to start taking strict measures so that it does not matter much.

At this time we must have found many treatments that can help resolve, provide nourishment to the scalp and strength of hair. Natural beauty. Among the options we find a natural preparation of coconut and lemon water, known for its amazing properties to stop decay and promote growth.

This time we want to share the goodness and simple recipes to make at home.

Do not forget to try it!

Coconut and lemon water treatment to stop hair loss

The combination of coconut water with lemon juice provides a complete treatment for excessive hair loss, not only for its essential nutritional content, but also for its moisturizing action that keeps the roots moist.

It is a 100% natural solution to one of the most common capillary problems, which unlike commercial options, does not cause adverse side effects or changes in pH.

The ingredients concentrate a large number of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids, which strengthen the hair to reduce its weakness and dryness.

Benefits of Coconut Water for Hair

Coconut water is one of the products with moisturizing cream and has restorative properties after assimilating in hair, improves growth and shines.

The high content of vitamins and minerals reduces the weakening of the dry strands, triggering their gains to stop excessive precipitation.

Its main benefits are attributed to its contribution to high-quality fatty acids and proteins that, in hair, improves circulation and prevents broken follicles.

In addition, it has antifungal and antibacterial properties that help control dandruff and other infections of the scalp.
The benefits of lemon for hair

Lemons contain high levels of vitamin C, it also contains antioxidants that help maintain the level of collagen for healthy and strong hair.

Provides folic acid and vitamin B complex that helps protect the roots to prevent hair damage and rain.

It is an interesting source of important minerals, along with vitamins, which promote healthy growth.

Its cleansing action helps eliminate the dirt that is stored in the scalp, while optimizing the process of oxygenation and transport of nutrients.

In addition, Limón contains antimicrobial and antifungal substances that slow down the growth of fungi that cause dandruff and other capillary abnormalities.

How to prepare this capillary treatment of coconut and lemon?

Hair care preparation is very simple and compared to commercial products, much cheaper.

Because it regulates the production of fat without affecting the natural moisture of the roots, making it perfect for all types of hair.


1 cup coconut water (250 ml)
Juice 1 lemon


Add the coconut water to the bowl and mix with the lemon juice.

How to apply

Fix the hair with a soft feather comb and separate into several locks.
Spray the product from the root to the tip and perform a gentle massage with the fingertips to facilitate its absorption.
Leave on for 30 to 40 minutes and rinse as usual.
Repeat your application 2 or 3 times a week to control this problem in no time.

Other considerations

Although the usual use of these products can significantly reduce excessive reductions, it is necessary to clarify that the effects must be supplemented by a healthy diet.

Consumption of antioxidant sources and essential amino acids is very important to overcome this disorder from within.

On the other hand, it is easier to limit the use of thermal elements and chemical treatments, as this may interfere with the effects of the drug.

Remember that benefits are not immediately available and some applications are required to pay attention to changes.

Make Your Teeth Whiten With This Material

When humans born,they have teeth that are white but gradually the more we grow, the color of teeth can change due to many factors.

The color of a biologically visible white tooth is the color of the tooth enamel transparent layer, the color of the dentine layer inside and the color of the layer between the enamel and the dentine.

Research shows that the color of teeth can change due to the stain that can come from outside or from within.
Although discoloration of teeth or yellow teeth is hard to avoid, there is still a way to restore the natural white color of the tooth. Many people spend money to whiten teeth quickly in health and beauty clinics.

If you have yellow teeth and do not have enough money to whiten it in a health and beauty clinic, the following ways can help you:

1. Sodium bicarbonate
Baking soda is a kitchen material that is often used to make cakes. But who would have thought, in the middle of its function, baking soda spelled out effectively in whitening teeth that yellowed due to plaque and can also be used to remove eye bags.

Bicarbonate is very effective in the treatment to remove stains on the teeth, for this you should just add half a spoonful of baking soda to a little water and brush your teeth. Natural beauty. This method should be clarified and note that this treatment ONLY can be done once a week, because if using sodium bicarbonate too often it can damage tooth enamel, because it has a strong abrasive action.

2. Strawberry
Did you know that strawberries help remove tartar? Cut a little strawberries and brush your teeth for a few minutes with it. Strawberries also have similar actions to sodium bicarbonate, but with a lower risk index for tooth enamel compared with the use of baking soda directly; In addition, strawberries contain special fiber which helps remove harmful bacteria for our body, because it is very useful for maintaining acceptable oral health.
Do not forget!

Remember that the treatments discussed in this article should be applied sparingly, without any merit, because our tooth enamel can be irreversibly damaged. It is important to clarify that applying this product with care, rarely, will help us whiten teeth in an effective and healthy way. Do not overdo it, please!

Remember also that consuming vegetables and fruits such as celery, carrots and apples can often be very good for maintaining healthy, strong teeth, as these foods help produce more saliva, which is very important to remove tooth stains. It is also important to remember that you should always use dental floss and mouthwash.

Effervescent Bath Pumps

Effervescent bath pumps

Ahhh so relaxing! A bath tub, with soft background music and reading a good book!

And if to that we add a bath bulb massaging our back with the effervescent bubbles and flooding the air with our favorite fragrance, is the best way to recover the energy after a busy day.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make your own bath bombs. In this video, I show how to make some in the form of little smelling mints and lavender. Use your imagination and have fun experimenting with different molds and fragrances.

If you make pumpkins in the shape of a cupcake, you have to make sure the children do not think they are real and try to eat them.

Welcome to Hogar, Dulce Hogar. Today we are going to make these fun cupcakes that we can add to the water of the tub when we go to bathe.

The first thing we will do is pour a cup of baking soda into a bowl. Next we will add a cup of citric acid. I got mine at that store called The Whole Wheatery. And so it says “citric acid” in the bottle. If they could not get it, then you can also use vitamin C powder that says “in the form of ascorbic acid.”

Then we will add half a cup of oil. Almond oil or canola oil can be used. In my case I am going to use grape seed oil because I love that oil, besides that it is very good for the skin. Then we will add half a cup of cornstarch and we will stir it. When we already have a uniform mixture, then we will separate a little in one container and another in a little container to add color and leave the rest for later.

In my case I am going to make cupcakes for bath with mint smell and with smell of lavender. Then I will color a container of green to look like mint and another moradito to look like lavender.

Now in a bowl for making cupcakes we are going to put these baskets that are used for cupcakes. And I’m going to take my mix that has no coloring and I’m going to split it in two parts because I want to make two odors. But if you want to do everything with the same smell, you do not have to split the mixture. I’m going to throw one part, 4 drops of mint essential oil.

If they do not divide it, they can throw 8 drops. And now I’m going to put the mixture in the baskets. Keep them tight. And on top of it I put a little bit of the mixture that had dyed green. And on top I’m going to put sprinkles that are to make small cakes. It does not matter that they are real, but they are undone in the water anyway. Well, we’re going to leave them all night so that they get more solid. And tomorrow we take them out of the mold.

The next day we took them out of the mold very carefully. And let them dry for 24 more hours.

To use them simply fill the tub with warm water, you throw a little bit and ready! The bubbles will massage you while the ingredients will soften and nourish your skin.

The House Steam Bath

Having a healthy body is the desire of almost everyone. To get a healthy body, in addition to eating healthy foods also need to be balanced with regular exercise. For people who have a high activity sometimes sports activity is replaced with a steam bath.

Providing a steam bath on the face stimulates the circulation and activates the sweat glands that attract dirt and impurities from the skin to the surface.

Steam bath which is also called a sauna is a steam shower activity in a specially designed room, where the sides of the room can remove hot steam. The usual saunas available at the gym and spa offer a variety of useful benefits for humans.

Sauna is often available in the spa or fitness center turned out to have its own benefits for the skin. Relaxation is done in the room with hot steam is believed to make the skin brighter.
Contrary to what many believe, steam baths do not cause open pores. Instead, it softens the skin making it easier to clean the pores closed.

Another benefit of steam bath is to help relieve stress. Stress is one of the health threats that can occur due to other thoughts and burdens that cause problems in the heart, memory and blood pressure. Natural beauty. Steam bath can help facilitate blood circulation and release endorphine hormone so that the body and mind become more relaxed so that stress is even more subdued.

Then we leave the steam bath procedure in the comfort of your home.

1. Put some of your favorite cleaning creams into a clean cotton cloth (very important to clean it). Wet the skin and massage with cloth in an outer circular motion.

Now with another clean cloth dipped in warm water, caress your face. Make sure not to rub.

Pat your face for two or three minutes until the cleansing cream is removed. Then splash your face with warm water.

2. In the container, remove two tablespoons of grass according to your skin type. For the use of dry skin, lavender, camomile or pink.

For normal skin, use lavender, lemongrass or pink. If your skin is oily, use rosemary or sage.

Pour boiling water over the spices and wait 30 seconds. Then bring the face about 18 inches from the steam and cover with a towel so steam does not escape.

Close your eyes and stay there for 5 to 8 minutes. Carrying steam for longer can cause capillaries to explode. Dry the face with a damp cloth, moist and warm, do not rub.

3. Choose a natural or commercial scrub, apply a face and rub gently in a circle with a scrub. Rinse with water.

Papaya Conditioner Treatment for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Have you noticed that your hair is dry and dull? Have not you noticed that you have open ends and do not know what to do to repair it? Buying products like masks and capillary butterflies can be very expensive, and also unnecessary if you take into account that many natural ingredients can give you the same results, or even better!

That is what happens with the home treatment a papaya base that we teach you to prepare today. Not only is it economical and very easy to work out, it also forms the mane in the deep way, allowing the light to brighten and moisturized.

These are the necessary ingredients to prepare the conditioner:

¼ cup of coconut milk
2 slices of papaya
1 tablespoon organic honey

If you can get the freshly made coconut milk better. You only have to process a little pulp of this fruit and mix it with water to make milk.

First, let’s cut the papaya into cubes and a meter into the blender.
Next we add coconut milk and honey.
Beat the three ingredients until a homogeneous mixture of creamy consistency. This is our hair conditioner.

To use this treatment, you have to moisten your hair and apply it all on the scalp. Natural beauty. Then, with a comb with open ends, there is a separator in tufts and a distributor from the root to the tips. Put on a bathing cap and let the product do its effect for the space of thirty minutes, after the only ones that have to rinse with water an ambient temperature.

Repeat this routine twice a week to see better results. If you are constant, these will be seen in a month or two.

Papaya also contains few calories and lots of fiber, so you can safely include it in your summer diet, so you can cool off with a juice or a salad, without worrying about gaining weight. In addition, consumption of papayas, either directly or included in a dish, will help regulate the digestive system, precisely at this stage of the year in which are abundant meals as well as the nervous system. In addition, by containing vitamin A and being low in sodium, papayas help regenerate skin cells and keep it hydrated, which is perfect at this time of year when you often go to the pools. And is that the chlorine present in the pool water facilitates the dryness of the skin.

In addition, by their high concentration of water, the papayas will help you to eliminate the toxins more effectively. In addition, being rich in vitamins C and E, has a high antioxidant power, so it protects your skin against free radicals, causing aging. Papaya is also the ideal fruit to prepare the best breakfasts. And thanks to its high content of folic acid, magnesium, potassium and calcium, it will allow you to reduce the risk of colon cancer and hypertension. Papaya also helps strengthen the heart muscle.

Papaya also contains few calories and lots of fiber, so you can include problems in your summer diet, so you can soda with a juice or a salad, without worrying about gaining weight. Also, eating papayas, sea directly or included in a dish, will help regulate the digestive system, precisely at this stage of the year in which are abundant meals, as well as the nervous system. In addition to vitamin A, milk and papaya helps regenerate skin cells and moisturize, which is perfect at this time of year when you often swim in swimming pools. And is that the chlorine present in the pool water facilitates the dryness of the skin.

Herbal melancholy remedy: A viable alternative To despair prescription drugs?

Herbal melancholy remedy: A viable alternative To despair prescription drugs? Herbal depression medicine is generally promoted as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical medicine of sense. Nonetheless, the final belief on the usefulness of herbal sense drug requirement hitherto to be made. While the effectiveness of herbal anti depressants has to be analysed on a case-by-case basis it can be said that a general difficulty with assessing the potential of herbal sense drug is attributable to the fact that not much clinical hajar jahanam mesir, statistically our data dwells. Too, there seems to be only limited interest from medical constitution to embark on inspections testing the effectiveness of most herbal sense drug. So what is the evidence that herbal anti depressants are effective sense helps?

St John’s Wort

St. John’s wort( Hypericum Perforatum) is the most well-known and best analyzed of the herbal anti depressants. It has been known as herbal sense drug and ailment for other ailments for centuries. In Europe, where this herbal sense drug is generally otherwise specified in “doctors “, a number of clinical inspections have shown St John’s wort to be an effective herbal anti depressant in situations of slight to moderate sense. Nonetheless, two clinical inspections in the US have already been indicated that St. John’s wort removes were no more effective than a placebo in major sense( it has to be noted though that one of such studies was funded by the pharmaceutical industry ). Further inspections with this herbal find drug are underway, but it may take times before a definite verdict can be made on St John’s wort. The accurate position of action of this herbal sense drug is unknown, though some proposition dwells that it acts on serotonin compile or -activity. Despite all limits and open questions, St. John’s wort currently stands as the only herbal sense drug with a clinically displayed outcome in certain types of sense.

Other herbal sense drug

Other herbal anti depressants often mentioned are Gingko Biloba and Siberian Ginseng. For each of those alleged herbal anti depressants circumstantial proposition dwells that seems to show their possible as herbal sense drug. Nonetheless , no clinical inspections have been conducted so far that attest or rebut any charges cleared with regards to their effectiveness as ailments for sense.

An added major difficulty with all herbal sense drug, apart of limited clinical proposition, is that the quality of different marketed herbal removes may vary substantially and that there may be integrity and effectiveness matters. Additionally, the common misconception that herbal sense medicine is natural and hence should not have any side effects is outright wrong and the depressive subject should be aware of those risks of inducing herbal anti depressants without consultation through a medical professional.


Concluding it must be said that, although herbal sense drug is widely used, on the whole i am about( maybe with certain exceptions of St. John’s wort) no careful proposition for the usefulness of herbal anti depressants. Extremely when compared to touchstone prescription drugs for find herbal sense drug generally does not stand out as a first choice medicine alternative. Nonetheless, when other more established helps failure, or especially with regard to in the case provided for provided for of St. John’s wort, in situations of mild depression, implement herbal sense drug may be worth trying. In all such cases the subscribers should realise the limitations and potential dangers of herbal sense drug .

Herbalism is a conventional medicinal or folk medicine practice based on the use of weeds and seed extracts

Herbalism is a conventional medicinal or folk medicine practice based on the use of weeds and seed extracts. Herbalism is also known as botanical drug, medical herbalism, herbal drug, herbology, and phytotherapy .” 1 These medicines use plant-based fabrics for the care of specific evidences or cancers with numerous herbs and herbal formulations having been used for centuries within different cultures e.g. India and China .

Current Trends and Regulations

Today, the public is more informed about their health and the options available to them to avoid and/ or treat illnes. Couple this knowledge with the current focus on organics and health foods, herbal medicines have become increasingly popular. The conventional herbs and herbal formulations being implemented in India and China are making such a nature into Europe and so increasing the wander of herbal medicines accessible. Because of this tendency, it is even more important that people are aware that herbal medicines do have a physiological impact on the body and therefore, should be used with attend. Until recently, the regulation of herbal remedies within the UK has been quite loosened but special safety concerns have come to light-headed, for example, the interaction of St John’s Wort with some conventional medicines .

Currently herbal medicines can reach the market via the following three superhighways :

o Unlicensed herbal remedies

o Registered conventional herbal medicines

o Licensed herbal medicines

a) Unlicensed herbal remedies

At the moment most herbal remedies within the UK are unlicensed because this is excluded from maintaining a produce licence or marketing authorisation as per the exception is an indication of Slouse 12 of the Medicines Act 1968.

b) Registered conventional herbal medicines

On the 30 th October 2005 a brand-new programme the “Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme” was acquainted within the UK which is also a requirement of the European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products( 2004/24/ EC ). This is a simplified registered scheme where rectifies are required to meet standards of safety and character but not consequently the same level of efficacy as for a perfectly authorized produce .

c) Licensed herbal medicines

Currently there are approximately 500 herbal medicines which have a produce licence( marketing authorisation ). In seek to secure a produce licence, a company has to demonstrate that their herbal drug fills certain standards of safety, character and efficacy obat oles kuat tahan lama. For numerous, it has been difficult to meet the required criteria and this is one of their reasons for the Traditional Herbal Medicines Registration Scheme has been introduced. Licensed herbal medicines can be readily identified by a unique nine amount Product Licence number on the produce receptacle or box with the prefix “PL” .

The Future

Due to safety and character pertains, the sale of unlicensed herbal remedies is no longer countenanced and all herbal medicines must have either a Usual Herbal Registration( THR) or a Product Licence( PL ). There is, however, one exception to this and that’s where the herbal remedy can meet both of the following requirements :

1) it is legally on the UK market as an unlicensed herbal remedy is in keeping with s12( 2) of the Medicines Act 1968 and

2) was also legally on the UK market under s12( 2) at 30 April 2004

As long as the herbal remedy does fill these two requirements, it will qualify for transitional shield and, hence, can continue to be marketed as an unlicensed herbal remedy until 30 April 2011 supplied it continues to comply with the requirements of s12( 2 ). 2

All companies must take note that any herbal remedy which does not have a Traditional Herbal Registration or a Product Licence after 30 April 2011 is not be allowed to sell or grocery their remedy. If it is already on the market, the Medications and Healthcare concoctions Regulatory Agency( MHRA) will insist that it is withdrawn even if the company has submitted their application and are waiting for approval .

Recently, the MHRA supported their authority to withdraw a produce from the market. They discovered that Neal’s Yard Remedies’ homeopathic produce “Malaria Officinalis 30c” didn’t have a produce licence although there are all homeopathic rectifies are classed as medicines and this produce was clearly to be used for the care or prevention of malaria. The busines have now withdrawn this remedy. 3

Today, current challenges for herbal business is to provide the correct information to satisfy the criteria and standards set by the MHRA in order to continue selling their herbal remedies. With tighten budgets and absence of resources, it is important to consultant a regulatory professional who has experience in liaising with the MHRA and are dealing here with regulations on a day-after-day basis. A regulatory compliance consultancy, such as Global Regulatory Services, can help ease this extra regulatory headache and ensure that herbal remedies can continue to be offered to the public as a safe alternative and/ or complementary produce to conventional drug .