Useful information to enjoy Samaná

This remarkable place is one of the favorites for travelers looking for a paradisiacal landscape.

HOW TO GET THERE: Andean Airlines Charter: part of Buenos Aires on Friday at 23.30. Stop in the city of Cordoba and get to Samana, Saturday at 9:25. On his way home, he left Samaná on Sunday at 10.30 and reached Buenos Aires, having stopped in Cordoba, on the same day at 20:25. Also flying Avianca and Copa, arriving in Santo Domingo.

Transfer to Samaná: 250 pesos roughly in regular transfers per part from Samaná airport; and about 600 pesos in a regular transfer with tranche from Santo Domingo airport (both, price per person).

ACCOMMODATION: Luxury Bahia Principe Samaná Don Pablo Collection. In the low season (from November 1 to 23): from 96 dollars (about 1,660 pesos) per person per night. In high season (from 2 to 31 January 2018): from 180 dollars (about 3,100 pesos) per person per night.

GASTRONOMY: On the beach of Rincón, one of the most beautiful places in Samaná (said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, though it seems somewhat exaggerated), there is a delicacy to take advantage of. Tourist excursions, other than a day of turquoise waters at tropical temperatures, an irresistible menu: a wholesale lobster tray, accompanied by fresh cut or avocado rice from the plant. Bids that for price and quality should not be missed. With regard to drinking, it is not for everyone, but for those who are encouraged are Mamajuana (roots, herbs and alcohol). They say “Dominican viagra.

Info: Details

To get involved in the destination.

Haitises. Do not forget to visit Los Haitises National Park. Mysterious and historical place, away from the mainland – in the middle of the bay – and accessed by boat. It is formed by a series of islands and islands covered by abundant, complex and amazing vegetation. The birds (110 visible species) are site owners and allowed to view without prejudice. The excursion there will demand a full morning (between transfers and walking). There are caves filled with stone art, testimony to the virgin lands that existed before the Spanish conquest.

Hotel. The Bahía Príncipe chain has four exceptional hotels in Samaná: the luxurious Bahia Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado and Bahía Príncipe Samaná Luxury (for adults only), Gran Bahía Príncipe Cayacoa and Gran Bahía Príncipe El Portillo (ideal for going with the kids) child). All offer luxury cuisine, extraordinary comfort detail (choose between four types of pillows) and staff always ready. Of the four, Cayo Levantado is the most special: on an island, where delights and luxuries are his trademark.

The Samaná people are a holiday destination, but also to get to know the Dominicans. The city and its surroundings show details of the Central American way of life, its exhausting speed and goodness. People always sit in front of the entrance to their house, watching life go by and talking, whenever it’s time. Exit? Bring the car to wash. A way out that serves as an excuse to hang out with friends. Other? Go dance, because there will always be a bar or a bowling alley with bachata and salsa playing on their speakers.

Pope. Samaná Bay keeps a secret that is not so secret: it receives, every year, humpback whales in January and reject it in March. Aquatic mammals arrive from the oceans of Iceland, Greenland and Canada to search for the warm waters of the Central American Atlantic for childbirth and foraging. They are thousands and very friendly. The 40-ton man jumps and falls in the water doing amazing choreography to attract women. A natural sanctuary to be stored in memory throughout life.

Samaná, a haven overlooking Punta Cana

Located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, this peninsula is consolidated as a paradisiacal destination for the beach, its people and its hotels. There are direct flights from Cordoba.

“I am Diego Maradona of Samaná,” ​​said the host, standing at his door in the middle of the forest. Judging from its appearance, only by curlers can be said that the owner of this craft and tobacco house. The man knows how to make himself loved and also knows that his charisma is very important for Samaná to continue to grow and break through in front of Punta Cana, “his sanctified” mayor “sister in the Dominican Republic.

“Maradona” has a house where tourists stop traveling as they go to cross the peninsula. On the way to the fabulous Rincon beach, there to tell us about local customs and tastes. The place, so beautiful yet authentic at the same time, adds its imprint on the characteristic depicting Samaná: a natural paradise with a dream landscape and, also, with the reality of skin flowers. Not just a charm hotel. There is a destiny that transcends all inclusive: it’s just a matter of looking for it.

Located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, Samaná is a tourist center that combines nature, mystery, culture and luxury. The city has its own airport, receiving flights from Argentina and Cordovan people have the chance of a special charter that leaves them there every week. The convenience of arriving and within minutes of enjoying this place is one of its strengths.

Samana is a color palette. But, most importantly, green vegetables in all its forms and ranges. On the side of the route, palms, lianas and native species with strange names stretched across the winding road that runs along the peninsula. The eyes can not burst in front of the merry nature samples, towards the end of the crossing, offering white beach catalogs that descend until the Atlantic.
The locals (living in a city of about 100 thousand people) made it clear: Samaná is no longer a novelty and today is a consolidated goal. It may not achieve the growth of Punta Cana, based on space and geography, but its offer is high and its proposal shows its own personality.

Samana is nature. The coconut tree is characteristic of the scenery because it is everywhere and is part of everyday food. Also coffee, pineapple, mango and cocoa plantations. An exhibition of the country’s natural forces. Tempat wisata menarik. It is that everything grows on the ground. Describing his physiognomy is to describe the pure charm, the unique charm that Central America can produce. The exoticism, the warmth of its people, its temperature and the accessibility of the offer (not an escape): all combine to create the actual postcard image when it comes to “heaven.”

Because Samaná is a pristine beach paradise and turquoise waters, but also the city and its surroundings, which do not leave tourists far from reality. The peninsula and its beaches are part of a geography that is not hidden (or hidden) by its people and open to knowing and understanding the places we visit. Need, for example, to travel around Las Terrenas, the fishing village next to the city. There, people came to the beach like in Cordoba going to the river: with ice cream, some spirits and all the time in the world spent the afternoon in the water.

The city of Santa Bárbara de Samaná (the capital of the province) is a colorful and humble city. Their homes are tile (in this country, more than 40% live below the poverty line) and only the majestic hotels are cut with wooden monoton and layers of buildings. In the middle of the place, a series of modern and colorful buildings ruin the scene: this is the mall for tourists to buy souvenirs. They live in harmony without changing the good atmosphere of the place.

Everything passes in front of the majestic Atlantic sea, which absorbs the landscape and sends a clear, warm glow. People walk along the malecón (waterfront), coming and going to do their own thing, accustomed to scenes that seem to be painted with anger and passion. Samaná is proud of his charm and also his serenity. And for more and more special fascination: from January to March, this is a privileged platform for observing humpback whales that arrive at the bay and make their performances. A Puerto Madryn but at a tropical temperature.

Through the Tafí Path

Horseback riding in the hills, crafters use ancient techniques and Manchego cheese in Tafí del Valle, a mountain village between the Tucumana forest and the Calchaquí valley.
Alpapuyo is a thick fog, a mysterious cloud, an indispensable part of the Tafí del Valle landscape, in Tucumán. This is a sunny afternoon and Alpapuyo, like every day, has settled in the hills. There will remain floating, like every day, for a long time, until the endless watery. Behind the misty blanket, at the foot of the mountains, you see the Angostura dam. There are sports fishing enthusiasts coming to look for spears of pejerreyes, and yatching and kitesurfing fans who feed on strong winds.

To get to Tafí del Valle from San Miguel de Tucumán, the provincial capital, you have to pass a winding cornice path. The journey takes travel: this is a magnificent and renovated part of the province route 307, which hikes between the Yungas mountains or the forests as high. It’s about a hundred kilometers from the curves and corridor cons with some panoramic point and it should stop at where El Chasqui is located or Monument to India, a sculpture of six meters with a viewing angle to its side so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the route that goes through the forest.

In Tafí, which grew especially during the last years favored by the renovation of the road, permanently lived about 15 thousand inhabitants. During the summer, this peaceful mountain village fills its capacity with a total of 50 thousand people. However, despite its growth, it maintains the warmth of a small town.

This region has two valleys: on one side of Tafí, and on the other side is Las Carreras. While in Tafí’s tourism developed, in the life of Las Carreras proceeded as it was in the days of the Jesuits, who arrived in 1716. Tempat wisata seru. Agriculture is the main activity; seed potatoes, star plants; and cheese making, one of the highlights of this valley, where the National Cheese Festival has lasted more than 45 years in February.

One of the most important manufacturers is the traditional Estancia Las Carreras, which besides producing premium-quality Manchego cheese, is a top-class rural tourism company. The dwellings mark the beginning of this place, where landlords come to spend the summer: they arrive on horseback, on a journey that takes two days, to spend the night in the mountains. Of the four Tafí del Valle foundations, Las Carreras is the only one that remains operational.

Up very accurately

Jeronimo Critto used to vacation with his parents as a child, and he has lived in Tafí until recently. Despite moving to town, he did not stop near the weekend. The man is an experienced driver, because in his childhood he went with his friends to go horseback riding, and a few years ago he turned that passion into a tourist business: El Puesto Cabalgatas. Thus, Critto arranges a trip around Tafí and its surroundings: “Our goal is to integrate communities in places where there is a good service possibility.There are several pillars on the hill where they ride us with a sheep in the oven, served with the simplicity of tucumano , which is given entirely.There in a place where people give the best they have. ”

At El Puesto he waited for Omar Rasgido, the pawn, which made the horses travel to Cuesta del Frutillar, a 400-meter-high street to a place known as the Mesada, where Jeronimo promised a view that did not disappoint the riders.

The horseback ride lasts about two hours and is simple, though not suitable for children, as there are some parts bordering on the steep cornice. And of course there is a beautiful panorama of the Tafí path.

Study exciting tours in outbound Malang

A holiday is really a time that‘s anticipated – whether it is a school holiday, a national holiday, or perhaps a weekend off. Vacation time is widely used every person to make an exciting activity. Like outbound Malang. When the day every person is stuffed with busyness that has turned into a habit for example work or school then stress and bored will soon whack. Therefore outbound Malang may be a fun activity.

Outbound is definitely an outdoor activity, in addition to a mixture of exciting games, game dexterity, sports, and sometimes also content with motivational training. Study tours inside the outdoors for example outbound Malang could be useful to extend courage in performing actions or express opinions. This activity also will cause our thinking flow more creatively, and boost emotional intelligence in action.


For private companies outbound activities may help relieve tiredness resulting from a number of work that accumulate, not just that it activity is likewise useful to enhance cooperation and communication and grouping between employees. Not just when outbound place but the rewards of this activity is desirable also can continue thereafter, ie time inside the office.

Outbound is accompanied by training motivation could be one option, because by following this activity is desired participants obtain a positive effect. Because one among the rewards of this activity usually is to form a reliable recruiting and may also withstand all kinds of items that cause emotion. Until the constructive effect we will protect emotional well. Along with this training will provide a brand new input for those, that many of us can function together inside a team well, and don‘t disappoint another side.



Due to the need for outbound growing, then inside the city of Malang is popular like a tourist destination in Indonesia also provides an outbound in filled with fun, to suit in order to make study tours for college students or for the corporate. For reservation you are able to contact Malang outbound contact via phone or e-mail. Nothing wrong by having an exciting holiday with many benefits for example outbound training.

Exclaimed outbound Malang

Malang City or even more familiarly called Ngalam, is among the most major cities in Indonesia which became the middle of study, especially for some students. Along with the place demands knowledge, the city is really a center of tourism, one outbound Malang.  Malang is located in the center of mainland Java Island, exactly in East Java. Whenever you arrived at this city, you will find its uniqueness, such as the pronunciation using the word upside down.


This pronunciation is so popular starting from the previous karna dilakenangi using a popular hero from Malang named Hamid Roesdi who experienced a communication strategy using the sentence upside down. Until now the pronunciation using the sentence upside still be carried along with the culture of the folks of Malang. for example meatball so oskab, I so saggy, mas so sam, and much more. During this city there will be lots of modern tours like Jatimpark 2, after succeeding using the establishment of many rides that are actually in Jatimpark 1 so the start of the founding of Jatimpark 2 so complementary entertainment tourism located in Malang.


But Jatimpark 2 has a special concept with Jatimpark 1 because It‘s the idea of playing with learning. But if you prefer a different tour, outbound Malang could be perhaps one of the goals. This activity is recommended for you personally who come rolling around. Karna along with fun this activity also offers many benefits for you personally. For example increasing confidence, training focus / concentration, increasing cooperation, and lots of more. With relatively clean mountain air could be useful to enhance the defense mechanisms that could boost the natural germ killer cells inside the body.

Outbound tour of Malang also will help repel stress and also your fatigue. If interested you are able to immediately reservation by calling our phone number or e-mail. What is wrong to invite your pals, family and friends to benefit from the trip using the cool mountain city of Malang together outbound Malang. soo don‘t think long anymore, when reservation and arrived at Malang city.

Fun outbound Malang

After days of struggling with a stack of work, going on vacation is one of the things that we are waiting for. Weekend breaks are a welcome event even though they are fairly short. Some people use the end of the week by going to the mall or juicet watching the tv at home. One of the things to use at the end of your week is by trying outbound Malang. With outbound Malang can make your short vacation time more exciting.



Especially accompanied by cool air and cool characteristic of the mountain city of Malang certainly fitting for a event rest your brain. To be more enjoy, do not mind with work along the holiday yaa. Stay away from things that are reminiscent of your work, such as a computer or laptop. His name is on vacation, diserve when to relax. For those of you who still do not understand where it is the city of Malang, let me love a little the news. Malang is located in East Java Province, Indonesia. The city is located 90km south of Surabaya.


This city is one of the largest cities by the number of people in Indonesia lhoo. So do not be surprised if in the city of Malang you can find a variety of food characteristics and interesting attractions. Malang is also known to be one of the city of education in Indonesia, because in this city many campus and politeknik public or private popular.
Until it attracted the interest of students outside the city of Malang to continue school or college in this city. Some of the well-known campuses are University of Malang, University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Islamic University of Malang, and Brawijaya University. Besides city oeducation, Malang is also popular with Flower City. This kind of thing has been known since time immemorial. Even the Dutch colonial government recognizes the beauty of flowers Malang also lhoo.




Are you not interested in visiting this popular city with this the meatballs? Using the weekend with your family and closest friends visiting this cool city can be a priority list in your short vacation idea. We also gladly await your presence, sharing exciting games, and other fun activities, outbound Malang ready to give you a different holiday experience from general. Reservations can be by phone, e-mail, or come directly to our place in outbound Malang.
Soo, do not long to think. Hurry up packing, phone your friends or family invite them to enjoy the beauty of Malang City, and shouting with us in outbound Malang.

Try the rafting trip in Malang

The final holiday of the middle term has arrived, now it’s time to travel to spend vacation time. Me and my friends are rencana to vacation in Batu-Malang city, we chose this city because this city is very interesting. Later we will try rafting di Malang. Why rafting di Malang? Because the city is arguably still cool and comfortable enough if used to spend time off other than that rafting is also very challenging and certainly exciting.



Besides the distance is also not too far away. From Surabaya we chose to take the train, the most early schedule is our choice, the train from Surabaya that we were riding stopped at Malang Baru Baru Station. From Malang Station we continue the journey by public transportation majors Landungsari Terminal. At that time the air of Malang City was very hot, but the spirit beat us tired (hhhehehe). From Landungsari Terminal we continue our trip to Batu Town with pink public transport. Later we will stop at Batu Wisata Kota terminal. While on the journey it feels like ngantuuuuk once, the wind-silir and the transportation that runs slowly enough to make me doze for a while (hhhahahaha).

After arriving at Batu City Terminal we did not immediately go to Batu Rafting (our rafting tur provider) because our rafting started at 3 pm, and we still have about 2 – 3 hours then we decided to stop first to Pasar Besar Kota Batu it is located opposite the terminal so no need to go far. Because of hunger and thirst we could not stand any longer, we decided to buy mixed ice and meatballs.



Eehh meatballs in this market many large sizes – big lho gaes. After enough rest and the stomach felt full, we decided to continue the journey. 10 minutes from the terminal we arrived in front of Deduwa gate. Deduwa is centered by – by distinctive Batu City, similar to Krisna in Bali. Why to Deduwa? Because the location of provider rafting (Batu Rafting) we are in Deduwa ruang by this. Arriving at the location of our Batu Rafting provider was greeted by a friendly friendly guide.


Rafting di Malang – Okay, Today this rafting exercise is favored by modern people who want to challenge adrenaline as well as courage. Whitewater rafting has a role to know nature as well as a form to train patience and work relationships within the team. So the purpose of this activity is not just for fun alone but can train team cohesiveness.So how the origin of this rafting? Rafting or rafting allegedly found by people from the Americas, but some say if this sport comes from Europe.



In Indonesia alone the history of the river adventure begins around th. 1970s with the meaning of raga current. Spearheaded by natural enthusiasts from Bandung as well as Jakarta, this exercise then became one of the most renowned sports by nature enthusiasts. The boat and its equipments are also increasing in quality, starting with inner tires, army LRC boats, to special river boats (River Raft) as well as kayak boats.



This kind of thing so one of the things that encourage white water rafting develops fast enough and attract tourists to wade river river in a remote area and full of challenges. With the current changes in this rafting tour has become an adventure sport all family tours are ready to challenge anyone who wants to enjoy a new experience and not once again just the joy of some true adventurer. Not so this exercise problem comes from where, maybe even more exciting if you immediately try it yourself through the Batu Rafting.



With a river rafting as far as 12km is enough for happy tourists. Beyond that rafting on the stone is also located in a strategic space so it is not troublesome first time tourists come to Malang. Rafting di Malang can be your choice to use while on vacation even if your vacation is short enough though. Except for fun rafting in Batu is also guided by a guide who has experience and with standard security equipment. So do not be sanctioned once again, need just while on your short vacation with rafting di Malang, you can invite family or colleagues closest.

Fill a vacation with rafting in Batu

Batu Town is one of the newly formed cities in th. 2001 after the area expantion from Malang Regency. The city is at 800 mtr. above sea level and blessed with a very stunning beauty. No wonder this city is one among the perfect donna of the people of Indonesia to spend the holidays. Well this opportunity we will also invite you exciting trip rafting di Malang


This rafting location is not far from the city center, the road is also easy to pass so it will not trouble your vacation trip. If you want a more exciting tur and memorable no mistake by inviting family or colleagues.


For you new beginners do not have to worry, because each boat will also be accompanied by a guide who has experience. The scenery also you do not have to question, because along the river you will be presented with a scenery that is still beautiful.


Also along the rafting later will also be a lot of rapids that can shake your boat, so certainly exciting. Rafting tour in Batu is so its own attraction for tourists who want to get rid of tired and the noise of the city. Especially for those who like to play with water, definitely deh going to feel at home.

Located in the village of Temas not far from the square city ​​tour of Batu, or 500m from Lippo plasa (Batos), more precisely in Batu Rafting you will be invited to wade through the River Brantas as far as 12 kilo mtr., With travel time around 2, 5 to 3 hours.

With package biaya Rp. 180. 000 per person you can enjoy the excitement of playing raftin di Malang. Package rafting in Batu is generally included also with welcome drinks, snacks, lunches, fixtures such as scoops, helmets, boats, life jackets and time guides on the boat.

How? Already complete the information? Sooo, immediately enter the daftar of holiday rafting di Malang as well as holidays to Batu Tourism City and feel the excitement.

3 Vital guidelines For mountaineering A high Altitude Mountain

Climbing a high altitude mountain is both tiring and tough, “its by” mentally and physically demanding and you must be well prepared for the hike if at all you are going all the way to the summit. When thinking of descending a ridge, you most probably will be doing it in a squad and you really is not is intended to be the crybaby that drags everyone else down. Recollect that anything can happen during the course of its clamber including ingredients such as bad weather changes, difficult areas and avalanches. It helps to prepare well in advance and is so that you are physically and mentally “re ready for” the challenge ahead .

Tip 1 Get in shape and plan physically

You cannot wake up one morning and decide to go clamber a ridge because you put your health at risk. High Altitude Mountains are certainly challenging and you must dedicate weeks of employing and training before you finally start the climb to the collect. Appoint a workout schedule that articulates your person to the test so it is able to withstand the vary terrains and conditions you might front when descending the mountain. Try including high-pitched raisings, stone lands and varied areas in your workout program so the body becomes allows one to what is expected. It is also very advisable to increase cardiovascular vigour workouts and to include weighted workouts because you will be carrying refreshments and other paraphernalium as you go up the mountain. If vanishing as a squad, then you can also do the workouts together .

Tip 2 Get mentally prepared for possible objections

The fact is that not everyone who prepared and is looking forward to clamber a ridge ever attains it to the top. The clamber does have possible impacts that is likely to change everything; you may not always get the results that you expect at the end of the day. For instance, you might choice the perfect time to clamber the mountain only for the weather to change drastically from pleasant to snow, flood and herald. Harms are also likelihoods that can cut short your clamber; extinction is also very possible especially in high altitude ridges. Even as you keep an eye on the weather forecast around the time of the clamber, guarantees to you get regular health checks before you set out to climb to minimize health risks of not making it to the summit as you expect .

Tip 3 Get your descending gear ready

It might be sweaty to clamber a high altitude ridge, but the temperatures can get moderately low-grade. Ensure therefore, that you dress appropriately constituting sure that you pay attention to how cozy “youre feeling” in the paraphernalium you have selected. Hiking boots that fit comfortably, breathable but warm drapes, gloves, coat hats, scarves are some of the things you should think about. Other important entries include polarized sunglasses, trekking poles and of course a solid backpacking container. First aid equipment and water bottles and other snacks should also be included when bundling for the clamber .

Climbing K2 is considered the most difficult mountain in the world and amongst the most dangerous more, but with suitable lotion, you might just be among the luck parties that make it all the way to the summit .