The Safest Holiday Tips and Comfortable Personal Car Wear

Holiday momentum is the most anticipated moment for most of the nomads to go home to their hometown. Certainly getting a sense of security and comfort would be the desire of travelers, especially for those who use private vehicles. Well, for it needs to be a good preparation before the car is used for long distance travel.

“First, make sure to regularly service regularly before Idul Fitri. This will minimize the problems that may occur in your car, “he said, when contacted Rental Mobil Murah Jakarta, on Jalan Sunter, North Jakarta.

Furthermore, it is very important for the driver to ensure tire wind pressure.

“It should be ascertained that the tire’s wind pressure is in accordance with the standard so that vehicle control can be optimal especially when the car is driven at high speed,” he said.

Furthermore, the condition of engine oil, brake fluid cooling conditions, and coupling should also be considered. In addition, it is also necessary to provide a ready-made spare tire.

“Because it is not impossible tires exposed to sharp objects or other things that can reduce the air pressure in it,” he said.

Iwan also reminded, in a state of traffic, vehicles have the potential to experience excessive heat. When that happens, he said, travelers can use mineral water to cool the engine.

“And the most important thing is to do maintenance, because by doing periodic maintenance then your car will be checked thoroughly whether there is damage or not,” he added.

“Then for the driver must also be considered his health. When sleepy should rest first in a safe place or alternately with family members or colleagues who go home and have a driver’s license, “he concluded.

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