Want to Sit Comfortably on the Bus? Make no mistake Choose a Chair

It’s no secret if choosing a chair position to be an early choice before leaving for the bus. Sometimes many who do not choose the seat position alias important sitting and comfortable. Though the comfort of seating especially on the bus AKAP (Inter-City Inter-Province) or tourism is the key we enjoy the trip.


But, have you ever thought which seating position is the most comfortable on the bus? Quoted from quora.com there are some interesting answers to try in the selection of seats on the bus to be comfortable in enjoying the journey.

Some people say sitting anywhere in a bus seat is the same thing. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey and comfortable to sit. However, some others assume the other. Some will choose near the exit, meaning sitting in the front seat on the first level when the bus is two levels.
If you sit near the exit, when using public transport is the most delicious and beautiful with a Bus Pariwisata. This is because you will feel lighter and not crowded especially in rush hour. In addition, wider space and visibility at the destination you become more visible. It’s a seating placement when you use the bus as your public transport.

However, if you use AKAP bus or tourism there are different things in chair selection. For those of you who are not well-drunk, do not sit in the back or at the front because of the most noticeable bus shake. This will only make you more nauseous, but if you really want to sit in the front or back seat and a drunk traveler, it’s good to take drugs such as Antimo drunk can make you fall asleep.

However, most likely if it is an AKAP bus and you are alone sitting in the middle because when seated in the back, the possibility to become victims of pickpocketing will be even greater. Else if on a tour bus or go with a family sitting where the possibility of misgivings pickup will be far from your mind.

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